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Wynter Daniels | Picking Favorites
Author Guest / December 10, 2014

It’s one of the cardinal rules of parenthood—don’t play favorites with your kids. I think I did a pretty good of obeying that one when I was raising my family. My husband I used to tease our son and daughter when they were cranky or acting spoiled. One would ask the question, “Why did he/she get to do XYZ?” or “How come he/she got this or that gift when I only got this?” Our answer was always the same: “Because we love him/her more.” Yeah, no one said it was easy growing up with two parents who loved to mess with their kids. But they both knew that they were loved, and when they stopped to really ponder upon whatever the situation was, I’m sure they had no doubt that we never played favorites. But when it comes to my characters, well, I can’t say the same. I have to admit, a couple of my heroes and heroines rise to the top. Lucy and Dex from THE SURROGATE HUSBAND are definitely way up on that list. Lucy was speaking to me before I’d even plotted out the story! I envisioned her naturally black hair dyed hot pink, half a dozen…