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Terry Spear | Werewolves Need Loving Too

February 5, 2010

TERRY SPEARLEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLFThis Christmas, my son got me the computer role-playing game called Dragon Ageand when I need a break from writing and edits, I stop to play the game. Now, in one part of the game, and in many of these fantasy worlds, wolves are not nice. But not only do they have bad wolves, they also have badder werewolves. Some are rabid, some are plain old werewolves, some speak, but all of them are deadly to the core. To solve the problem of the local elf type people who have contracted the werewolf curse, my heroine with her team of hero and heroines has to destroy the original werewolf who caused everyone else’s disease.

This is typical of the old-horror story werewolf myth. Here I am, playing the game, and wanting desperately to find a peaceful solution. I want to cure the elves, and turn the werewolves into all around nice guys. I want to show the wolves running around in the forest that they can hunt their regular menu items and leave adventurers to solve other kinds of worldly problems and nobody gets hurt that way. *sigh*

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