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Tina Leonard | Fail-And-Succeed Success

February 4, 2009

tina leonardI love writing. I feel fortunate that I get to make my living at putting words to paper. It means that I get to indulge my love of doing what I enjoyed when I was a child, which was read every single word I could get my hands on. Now I get to read wonderful works by other authors and friends, and sometimes I feel like I have a front-row seat to the ever-changing publishing world. I see a book make a bestseller list and I think, “Wow! I met that author!” Call me perpetually star-struck because I suppose I am. I root for everybody’s careers and the state of the publishing industry because this is my team, the team that allows me to stay at home and do what I love to do most: Write, read, be a mom, a wife, a good neighbor and friend.

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One Comment

  • Stacy~ February 4, 2009 at 7:25 am

    I always loving hearing about an author’s love of writing. Especially for a reader. I admire all the dedication and discipline it takes. So what if you can’t decorate? You can create amazing worlds that you invite others to visit. To me, that’s way more interesting and I’d rather get lost in a book than in color swatches.

    Here’s to many more books 🙂