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Trying yet again!

June 1, 2005

Today I’ve decided I’m going to master posting images and links. Let’s see if I succeed or not. If I succeed I’ll graciously accept all accolades, and if I fail I’ll beg forgiveness for taking up time and space!

I’m currently reading Sexy Lexy by Kate Moore. This is going to be my official first read of summer. I started it on Tuesday evening, and have already managed about 130 pages of the 324 in the book. So far it’s a fun lighthearted read, and if your planning a vacation would make a nice addition to the suitcase. I’m still trying to figure out the exact formatting here, but I’m hoping this is better than my previous try. I’m also including a link that I hope works this time.

So now I’m going to sign off, and check my work, and see if I’ve mastered a task that I’m sure my 12 year old could do in his sleep, but which seems to be ever elusive to me!


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