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04/27 Lynda Hilburn | Vampires and Ghosts!

April 27, 2012

Lynda HilburnTHE VAMPIRE SHRINKI’m so happy to be here at Fresh Fiction today! I love this site!

Even though my series, Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist, (first book, THE VAMPIRE SHRINK) is primarily about bloodsuckers, it also features psychics, wizards, witches and . . . ghosts!

In fact, in the new second book in the series, BLOOD THERAPY, Kismet deals with many incorporeal apparitions. Working on edits for that book made me think about my own experiences with the specters.

Communicating with the dead is a tradition among my female relatives and ancestors. During my childhood, I remember hearing my mother chat with people who weren’t there as she washed the family laundry. Of course, I would have written that off as nutty if I hadn’t had my own experiences from an early age. Unlike my mother, who attracted no-longer-living siblings, grandparents, etc., I seemed to be a magnet for strangers – my “imaginary friends.”

The longest ghostly visitation I’ve experienced was from a beloved aunt (eventually I shared my mother’s tendency to draw relatives along with anybody else who wanted to drop in!), who stayed with me for years. She was as frisky in death as she’d been in life. Her favorite activities were throwing books off my many shelves, turning the lights on and off to let me know she was present, and calling my name in her sweet, southern accent.

One memorable spooky incident took place in a large, psychically active house I lived in a hundred years ago (or so it seems!) with all the members of the rock and roll band I performed with, including my first husband, the drummer. One night, shortly after we arrived, I woke to see an oddly familiar strange man standing at the foot of the bed. Since the old house was located on a busy street in Detroit, light shone through the windows, making it easy to see in the dark. The man moved his lips, but no sound came out. Or, at least no sound I could hear with my physical ears. He pointed to my sleeping husband and mouthed a message for him, which I understood. Suddenly I remembered where I’d seen the man: in photos of my husband’s dead father. I shook my bedmate to wake him, but, of course, he couldn’t see anything. And he never believed that I’d seen his father! So much for sharing information with non-believers! LOL!

Along a similar line, my second husband (there were only two – so far) had lost his mother just a year or so before we met. He’d inherited some of the paintings she’d displayed in her home. From the moment we hung those paintings, his mother was a constant presence in both rooms where we’d arranged the art. I worked at home during those years (seeing clients and writing) and got used to talking to her every day. When my now-ex and I split and he took the paintings, I never saw her again. I missed her!

I’ve come to believe that my non-ordinary experiences are more intense when there is a strong emotional connection involved.

Well, enough about me! What about you? What ghostly encounters have you had? Comment to win your own copy of THE VAMPIRE SHRINK

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