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Eve Silver | A Little Bit Dark….

September 28, 2007

Eve Silver I wrote my first book when I was nine, the story of an unwanted teddy bear that found a new and loving home. Poor teddy! I guess even at the age of nine was a little dark, LOL!

Years later, I tried my hand at romantic comedy (an abysmal failure). My next attempt was at a lighthearted, fun historical, the kind I loved to read. Only problem was, no matter how hard I tried, I just wasn’t funny. Everything that flowed from my imagination was creepy and dark and moody.

So what is it with me and dark books? Whether I’m writing historical gothics or sexy, contemporary paranormals as Eve Silver, or speculative evesilver.gifromance as Eve Kenin, everything I write is dark, dark, dark (with the occasional quirky humor thrown in).

What is it about a dark, tortured hero that is so appealing? And why does the heroine love him when he’s so hard to love?

In my historical gothics (DARK PRINCE, HIS DARK KISS, DARK DESIRES), the heroes are secretive and a little sinister. Terrible things have happened to them, and they’ve done terrible things in turn. Yet, the tortured hero captures the love of the heroine and the reader, and we cheer for his happily-ever-after. Because the heroine is strong enough to be his match. She’s brave and resilient, and she brings light to the hero’s darkness.

My first contemporary paranormal, DEMON’S KISS, is just hitting shelves now, and guess what…? Yep, dark tortured hero. But this story threw a twist at me that I wasn’t expecting. The sexy, seductive hero, Ciarran D’Arbois, is sworn to protect the world of man from the demons who would decimate it. Problem is, he is the very thing that he’s sworn to fight against. How’s that for tortured?

DRIVEN, my post-apocalyptic trans-Siberian trucker tale (written as Eve Kenin) brings a whole new perspective to my dark side. The world that the book is set in is barren and bleak, and the hero is a man with no emotion. Not a guy who hides his feelings. Not a guy who has buried them deep. A guy who doesn’t have any. Kind of made finding true love a bit of a challenge.

Coming up next I have—you guessed it—a few dark, moody tales to tell. My next historical gothic, HIS WICKED SINS, will be out in August 2008. DEMON’S HUNGER, the second book about the Compact of Sorcerers is coming soon. And HIDDEN, the next book set in the post-apocalyptic world I created in DRIVEN will hit shelves in July 2008.

So what appeals to you about a dark, tortured hero? What makes him so appealing? And what sort of heroine do you think is his perfect match?

Happy reading!

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