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2005 tally

January 7, 2006

I read 117 books in 2005. That was down a few from what I read in 2004, but as I read quite a few e-books in ’04 and not nearly as many in’05 I think it was pretty equal.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that I used to read a few historicals. Now I’m reading all contemporary. I still have a bunch of historicals to read, and have gone through my pile thinking should I dejunk these or not? I just can’t bring myself to do that as they’re by authors whose historicals I have read in past years, and enjoyed. It’s a good thing that books don’t require refrigeration, or spoil. They might age, but hopefully I’ll look at when they were written and be able to remember what was happening in that era and think yes this book is true to it’s birth year.

Someone asked me to name my best read of ’05. That was hard. It’s much easier to tell what I truly didn’t enjoy. As I do a quick skim of my list I realize that there was nothing there that I would really have kept if I were a true book keeper. At this time in my life I only keep the ones that are autographed to me.

Resolutions for 2006? Well, like many I have an overwhelming tbr pile. I’d love to chisel it without adding to it, but I sincerely doubt that’s going to happen. So far I’ve managed to read 2 books this year…Small Town Girl by Patricia Rice which had it’s ups and downs, but that overall was a good read. The second read was The Penalty Box by Deirde Martin which was a smoother read, and had me turning pages until 9-9:30 at night, which for me is late!

Now I’m reading Guys and Dogs by Elaine Fox. Can’t say why I picked this as I had read a book by her and just wasn’t thrilled. However this book I am enjoying. If you’re a dog lover you might as well.

Happy 2006 and may you all only read keepers.

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