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Plano Book Club – Note from this month’s author, Shanna Swendson
Uncategorized / May 20, 2007

If there’s anything I like more than reading books, it’s talking about books, so I’m really looking forward to meeting with the book club (eating comes right behind talking about books, so I’m anticipating the food, too). I write a series of books that could be called fantasy/chick lit or else light urban fantasy, depending on whether I’m talking to a chick lit reader or a fantasy reader. When I started submitting the first book in the series to agents, I wasn’t sure which side of that line it really fell on, so I looked for an agent who handled both genres and let her decide what it was. Now I don’t worry too much about genre and just write my books, which have a mix of humor, fantasy, intrigue and romance. The best way I can think of to describe the tone and content of my books is by saying “Bridget Jones meets Harry Potter.” A grown-up Harry, of course. The fun thing about writing a series with the same main characters is getting to watch the characters grow and their relationships develop. The first book in the series, Enchanted, Inc., introduced my heroine, Katie Chandler, to the world…