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Daily Dose Holiday Giveaway: Angels We Have Heard on High
Daily Dose / December 6, 2009

The Daily DoseSmattering of Romance, Paranormal, and General Observations Thomas E. Sniegoski is one of my favorite authors. I had the pleasure of interviewing him in September. The multi-published author has titles that range from young adult to urban fantasy to comic books and graphic novels. He’s even turned his pen to an Angel novel or two. In honor of the holidays, he’s giving away autographed copies of his Remy Chandler novels and his Owlboy novels for the kids. The series follows Billy Hooten who dreams of being a superhero. It’s a fantastic set of books for parents and kids alike. Sniegoski is one of those rare authors that creates rich, vibrant characters that you imagine could walk off the page and have a conversation with you – when they aren’t smiting the bad guys. A Kiss Before Apocalypse Boston P.I. Remy Chandler has many talents. He can will himself invisible, he can speak and understand any foreign language (including the language of animals), and if he listens carefully, he can hear thoughts. Unusual, to say the least – for an ordinary man. But Remy is no ordinary man – he’s an angel. Generations ago, he chose to renounce heaven…

Guests / December 6, 2009

This weekend my friend Yvonne has arrived from England. Whenever she comes it means a bunch of shopping for various items to go home with her, but it also means at least 2 trips to the bookstore. I love going to the bookstore with Yvonne, because while we have very similar taste, we also have very different tastes, and I never know what new treasure we’re going to discover for one of us. To read more of BOOKING IT THROUGH TOWN please click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Fresh Pick | A COWBOY CHRISTMAS by Janette Kenny
Fresh Pick / December 6, 2009

October 2009On Sale: October 1, 2009Featuring: Ellie Cade; Reid Barclay352 pages ISBN: 1420106589EAN: 9781420106589Paperback$5.99 Romance Historical Buy at A Cowboy Christmas by Janette Kenny With all his love… One Starry Night Reid Barclay doesn’t have time for Christmas, not with trouble brewing at the Crown Seven Ranch. He’s got prize thoroughbreds to protect and a long- ago wrong that he wants to make right. But the beautiful cook who’s taken over the ranch kitchen is a welcome distraction, even if Ellie Jo Cade burns everything from gingerbread to roast beef. Her sweet face and womanly figure are pure temptation… Cornhusk angels…bright berry garlands…spun-sugar snow–everything about Christmas holds fond memories for Ellie Jo. She’s doing her best to make peace with an ornery wood-burning stove and make the old ranch house truly festive. All she wants is to believe in Reid…and the only-at-Christmas magic that makes hearts glow… Lots of mystery in this exciting romance centered on the holiday season. Excerpt Chapter One Maverick, Wyoming 1894 Blinding light rode into the room on an icy gust of wind and rudely reminded Reid Barclay that he couldn’t get rip-roaring drunk today. He shot a scowl at the newcomer who didn’t seem…