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Mary Margret Daughtridge | Shall we…um…dance?
Uncategorized / March 5, 2010

For the past week or so I’ve driven around with a brown paper grocery bag stacked with books riding shotgun. I’m taking author’s copies of SEALED WITH A RING my March release, to friends who have aided my research. It’s my version of Christmas. I’m celebrating the birth of a new work by making a present of it to all who have helped to bring it into the world. Last Tuesday, my rounds took me to a ballroom dance studio. Several years ago I began work on a third SEAL story in which the hero learns ballroom. My problem was that while I had researched SEALs out the wazoo, I didn’t know beans about ballroom. It was a watershed moment. Reading ten or twenty books wasn’t going to cut it. I needed lessons and they don’t come cheap. There was no external evidence then that I was an author. I knew how dismal my chances of being published were. How silly would I feel if I poured money and effort into learning how an imaginary person feels, if nothing ever came of it? My heart pounded and sweat made my fingers slip on the computer keys. That’s when I realized…

Fresh Pick | WHERE HEAVEN BEGINS by Rosanne Bittner
Fresh Pick / March 5, 2010

April 2007On Sale: April 1, 2007Featuring: Elizabeth Breckenridge; Clint Brady 384 pages ISBN: 037378595XEAN: 9780373785957Paperback$6.99 Religious Fiction Romance, Religious Fiction HistoricalBuy at Where Heaven Begins by Rosanne Bittner With rough miners for shipmates, Elizabeth Breckenridge sets sail to search for her brother in Alaska, wild with the 1890s gold rush. When she falls overboard midjourney, she is rescued by a man very unlike her minister brother— Clint Brady, a cynical bounty hunter who shoots to kill. Together, this unlikely couple struggles to survive the rugged dangers of the beautiful Alaskan frontier. Unexpectedly, Clint comes to love her, and proposes. Elizabeth returns his love, but unless she can help Clint see that heaven is no abstraction in the sky, the grip of the past could cost them a future together…. Excerpt Be not a witness against thy neighbor without cause;And deceive not with thy lips.—Proverbs 24:28San Francisco, August 4, 1898“We’ve taken a vote, Elizabeth. We understand you will need to find a job and a place to live, and we are ready to help you there, but you will have to leave Reverend Selby’s residence.” Elizabeth Breckenridge felt as though the blood was leaving her body, beginning with her head…