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Cover Reveal – Ruthie Knox
News / January 5, 2013

Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to be able to reveal the cover for the final title in my upcoming Camelot series with Loveswept: FLIRTING WITH DISASTER. I hope you love it as much as I do! I’ve been really gratified to see each of the covers the Random House design team comes up with for this series — all of them sexy and intimate, but with that spirit of fun that infuses all three of these stories. The Camelot series consists of a hundred-page novella and two full-length novels set in the Midwestern college town of Camelot, Ohio. It revolves around the three Clark siblings — Amber, Caleb, and Katie — and contains a number of hot security guys, extended-family shenanigans, banter, angst, and of course the occasional steamy scene, just to keep things interesting. Here’s a handy cheat sheet so you can keep the stories straight: I’m looking forward to sharing these books with romance lovers everywhere. Happy reading! XOXO, Ruthie Along Came Trouble – Description and Excerpt on Ruthie’s Website | Preorder from Amazon | Preorder from Barnes & Noble | Preorder from iTunes | Add to Goodreads Flirting with Disaster – On Ruthie’s Website | Preorder from Amazon…

Elizabeth Lane | Tumbling Through Time
Author Guest / January 5, 2013

Last year, after writing thirty-four historical novels and novellas, I finished my first book for Harlequin Desire.  I was sweating bullets all the way.  The book, IN HIS BROTHER’S PLACE is a brand new release this month.  And my respect for authors who write contemporaries has grown by giant leaps. Let me explain.  Yes, historicals take a lot of research.  The Westerns I write are easier than most because the Wild West is bred into my bones.  The Mountain West is home to me.  I grew up on my grandparents’ stories of what it was like to be a pioneer, a settler, a cowboy.  I wouldn’t think of trying, say, a Regency, which involves a feel for England and enough historic minutiae to fill a shelf full of encyclopedias.  But the West just flows for me.  And when I get to a blank spot in my story, I can always throw in a gunfight, a prairie fire, an Indian attack or a rhapsodic description of a desert sunrise. A series contemporary, on the other hand…What can I say?  A story for a line like Harlequin Desire is bare bones plot—a hero, a heroine, a compelling situation and some (lots of)…