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Luke Wordley | It’s 4:42 in the Morning
Author Guest / June 6, 2014

I’m sitting outside a conference hall somewhere in the middle of England. The birds are beginning their dawn chorus and a hint of light is appearing in the gloom. I’d like to pretend I rise at this time every morning, to sit and meditate deeply on my Bible and to contemplate greater things before starting my two-hour morning work-out. But the fact is – I never get up at this time of day, and I rarely do any of the above before….well, ever, really. I just think I had a little too much cheesecake last night. Weird dreams, an uncomfortable bed and the sub-conscious knowledge that this guest blog should have been with my publisher yesterday combined to thoroughly mess up my sleep. But maybe excitement had a little to do with it too. My debut novel, The Fight, launched yesterday in the UK.  It’s a wondrous moment for any writer when their first-born book is published. The culmination of years (ten in my case) of toil, breakthrough, dreams and self-doubt offer a heady mix of thankfulness and pride. And to get highly positive reviews and congratulations from people who are not obliged to be nice to you is, for…

Paula Altenburg | Getting Sweaty Doing Things that You Love
Author Guest / June 6, 2014

I’ve been reading for what feels like forever. I love, love, love it. Love. And I love reading romance in particular because, no matter what kind of mood I’m in, there’s a story out there for me. They come in all genres: contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, historical, and when I get tired of those, I can look for the mash-ups of genres. I have more of a love/hate relationship with writing, however. Confession time – I never wanted to be a writer. It looked like a lot of hard work, and hard work makes me sweat. I don’t like to sweat. So that’s what I’m less than enthusiastic about. Now let me give you five reasons why I love writing fantasy romance so much. I love to make people think. If my story resonates with even one person, then I feel I’ve done okay. I try to include a lesson. In DEMON CREED, and really the entire Demon Outlaws series, it’s about acceptance and prejudice. FYI, the demons in my stories aren’t necessarily the bad guys.  Two of the heroines and one of the heroes are half demons. They’re also very human at heart.   I love to make people feel….