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Tara Taylor Quinn | Not Your Ordinary Romance
Author Guest / July 25, 2016

While I’ve been a voracious reader of romance – Harlequin books specifically – since I was fourteen years old, I’ve never been a writer of typical romance novels. My books are filled with hard topics, issues that face real women, without any sugarcoating to make them more palatable. I didn’t choose this route. The voices, the stories, the people that appear in my head, chose me. No matter what I write, for whatever line or continuity or project, my books are filled with intense, emotional fiction based on facts of life. They aren’t true stories. None of them are based on real people (other than my own true life love story published with HCI books.) They are larger than life. And yet…they all that grain of truth that taps into real feelings, real hurts, real challenges. All of my books give something else, as well. They show real ways to deal with the issues. The challenges. They are filled with life truths. They are filled with hope. And the promise of happiness. HIS FIRST CHOICE emulates all of this. While Lacey Hamilton, my heroine, is a strong, necessary, vital character, I feel that the book is larger Jeb’s as well….

Jenna Ryan | Sneak inside BLACK LILY
Excerpt / July 25, 2016

Mitchell searched his memory. “The calling-card murder count was at twenty-four when I left the force six months ago.” “The overall number will have climbed since then, but it’s the victims who possess the sight that I’m most concerned about. Certainly, the others matter, but their deaths—how can I put this?—provide nothing more than operating money for Leshad. They keep the cash flow up and his filthy operation in the black. Very comfortably in the black, I suspect.” “Why are you most concerned about the victims who possess the sight?” “Partly because I’m one of them, like my mother and her friend Twila Black. Twila’s sister, Tallulah Black, possessed some vision as well, but not a sufficient amount for Leshad to use.” Was this intriguing him or annoying him? Mitchell wasn’t sure. Maybe it depended on what Phoebe expected him to do. “Where does your fading appeal enter into this?” he asked, although he had a feeling he could guess the answer to that one. She maintained her benign expression. “I’m Madeleine’s daughter, cher. I possess certain modest sensory abilities. Leshad assumes I inherited my mother’s full gift of second sight. I didn’t, but it’s what he thinks.” “So you…

Erin Ashley Tanner | Inspiration
Author Guest / July 25, 2016

Since I was three years old I have loved the written word. There is nothing like getting lost in a good book. Starting in grade school I discovered that I was pretty good writer, but as much as I loved to write I still wasn’t ready to take the leap into seriously pursuing a writing career. And then I discovered two writers who would change my life, Jackie Collins and L.A. Banks. The first Jackie Collins novel I ever read was Dangerous Kiss, A Lucky Santangelo Novel. At the time I read Dangerous Kiss, it was the most recent in the Lucky Santangelo series. I fell in love with Jackie’s writing. It was descriptive, interesting, and diverse. Jackie created characters from all walks of life, showcasing the real world we all live in. After devouring Dangerous Kiss, I read the rest of the books in the Lucky Santangelo series before moving on to reading every book Jackie had written. Today I own and treasure them all and am grateful for the lasting influence she has had on me. Jackie would always tell aspiring writers that she was a reform school drop out with no writing background and if she could…

Linda Winfree | Top 5 Songs from the ALL I NEED book soundtrack
Author Guest / July 25, 2016

“All I Need” by Mat Kearney A gorgeous song, one which Kearney reportedly wrote after hearing the story of friends’ escaping Hurricane Katrina. The lyrics portray a couple holding on to one another for survival and fighting against overwhelming odds. An incredible song about an incredible love, which Emmett and Savannah find in ALL I NEED. “Whatever It Takes” by Lifehouse Although the lyrics seem to be more about an existing couple trying to stay together, the idea of doing “Whatever It Takes” could be Emmett’s theme song in ALL I NEED. He’s in the relationship way before Savannah is, and he’s pretty determined to do whatever he needs to in order to win her heart. “Over My Head” by The Fray This one belongs to Emmett as well. What starts as a friends-with-benefits arrangement with Savannah soon has him in deeper than he’s even been with any woman – and he’s a little overwhelmed and unsure once he realizes that: He groaned and scrubbed a hand over his face. She was never going to have anything to do with him again and he didn’t know how to— This was not the way a guy acted over a woman who…

JL Merrow | On Being British and Hating Tea
Author Guest / July 25, 2016

My name is JL Merrow and I—this will be no surprise to anyone who’s ever read one of my books—am British. Painfully so, and nowhere was this brought home to me more fully than on a recent trip to southern Italy. The sun didn’t so much smile upon us as leer down with an evil glint in its metaphorical eye. It was hot. The Italian women strolled around in the 36 degree heat (that’s high nineties in old money) looking cool and expertly made-up in elegant shift dresses; their menfolk swaggered easily in shorts and open-necked linen shirts; all displayed sunkissed limbs and perfect hair. I, on the other hand, was a pink-faced, frizzy-haired fashion disaster, not so much tanning in the Mediterranean sun as turning into one giant ambulatory freckle. Noel Coward sang, famously, that “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.” This, I can assure you, is because in this green and pleasant land, we don’t actually have any midday sun, as a rule. Oh, we get the occasional short spell of warmer temperatures, giving the tabloids an excuse to dust off the Cor, What a Scorcher! headlines and print pictures of amply endowed young…