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Merrie Destefano | The Swoony Boys of Suspense
Author Guest / January 2, 2017

I must like sitting on the edge of my seat more than lounging in a recliner, because suspense has always been my favorite genre. It doesn’t matter to me if it comes dressed up like science fiction or historic drama, what I crave are stories that keep me guessing, where the main characters always seem to be in peril. You might think that means the heroine is in danger, but I actually like it even more if the hero is the one whose life is on the line. Put an adorable boy in threat of losing his life or of losing the one he loves, and I’m all in. In fact, most of my favorite TV shows and movies have that exact premise. Here’s a list of some of them and why I love them. Jason Behr playing Max Evans, Roswell It doesn’t get much better than an alien boy willing to risk exposing himself to save the girl he loves. From the first episode, Max shows he’s head over alien-heels for earthling Liz, sometimes forgetting this romance could endanger his best friend and sister, who are also aliens. The smoldering looks given by Behr to Shiri Appleby (Liz) seemed…

Author Match | Meet Melinda Leigh
Author Guest / January 2, 2017

My latest romantic suspense novel, MIDNIGHT OBSESSION, is the fourth installment in my bestselling Midnight Series, and releases January 3, 2017. About: Geeky romance author seeks readers for a dark, twisted suspense novel with a brilliant and endearing heroine who attracts more than her share of danger and tragedy. Must love a sexy, devoted hero who will risk anything to protect his lover. What I’m looking for in an ideal reader match: Loves sleeping with the lights on Imagines every noise in the dark is a serial killer waiting to strike Doesn’t mind losing sleep to read one more chapter Falls in love with sexy bad boys with hearts of gold Prefers strong heroines to damsels in distress Likes close-knit, dedicated families that stick together Enjoys twisted tales, intense action, and surprise endings What to expect if we’re compatible: Lots of lost sleep worrying about characters as if they are real people Long sighs of relief when imperiled couples finally earn their happily-ever-afters MIDNIGHT OBSESSION by Melinda Leigh Midnight Series #4 When a mysterious package lands on Louisa Hancock’s doorstep, the Philadelphia museum curator can hardly anticipate the nightmare that’s about to envelop her. The package is addressed to her…