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Brooklyn Ann chats ‘Tempting Beat,’ sexy drummers, and her love of movies so bad they’re good
Author Guest , Interviews / June 29, 2018

I love a Brit hero and Rod in TEMPTING BEAT is especially charming. How does he rate compared to other heroes you’ve written? Which are your favorite heroes you’ve written & those written by other authors? Rod was a blast to write. He’s always been so laid back and sweet that I wanted him to find the perfect HEA. It was also interesting to find what demons were hidden behind his cheerful demeanor. Favorite heroes I’ve written: Vincent in ONE BITE PER NIGHT, Razvan in IRONIC SACRIFICE, Radu in UNLEASHNG DESIRE and Klement in WITH VENGEANCE. Favorites by other authors: Rhevenge in JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Zarek in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter novels, and Preacher in Beverly Jenkins’s NIGHT HAWK. What made you decide to write a story with an older heroine/younger hero? I did it by reader request. Since I’ve always dated older men, the idea never occurred to me and when some readers asked me to, I thought I DEFINITELY should give older heroines some representation. And when one suggested I should have a nurse heroine, I was all, “Hell yes! I know so many amazing nurses.” Also, writing this book gave me a chance to…

Laura Bradford | Digging Deeper
Author Guest / June 29, 2018

For years now, I’ve written mystery novels. In fact, twenty-six of the thirty books I’ve seen published have been mystery. I’ve written a series with a journalist as the protagonist, a librarian as the protagonist, a baker as the protagonist, an advertising executive as the protagonist, and a gift shop owner in the heart of Amish country as the protagonist. I’ve enjoyed writing all of my series for various reasons, but it’s been my Amish Mysteries—in particular the former Amish detective in that series—that has tugged at my heartstrings in a very different way. Watching Detective Jakob Fisher come back (as a police detective) to the very town in which he grew up (as a young Amish boy and then teenager) has been fascinating to me. You see, Jakob left after baptism, thereby having to sever all ties to his childhood family. While that background has given me great material to work with in my Amish Mysteries series, it’s also a part of Amish culture that’s really given me pause. Soon, I was itching to explore that pre/post baptism decision in a very different way than I could inside the confines of my work as a mystery writer. And that’s…