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Lauren Helms | Top 5 Things to Nerd Out to in Boyfriend Maintenance
Author Guest / April 30, 2019

Hello, hello! My new release, Boyfriend Maintenance, might not be about hot gamer boys, but it stays true to my tagline, Nerdy and Flirty. I wanted to highlight a few things I totally nerded out to in the book. There are few definitions for the word nerd, but I like “a single-minded expert in a particular technical field” the best. With that being said, the following topics that are absolutely nerd-worthy from Boyfriend Maintenance… 1) Skee-Ball The popular arcade game is so much fun I have to play it whenever I’m someplace that has it. The carnival, any arcade, the bowling ally (yeah I know, but honestly, I’d rather Skee-Ball than bowl). I don’t remember how my love for Skee-Ball came up in a group chat between myself and the other 425 Madison authors, but somehow I was challenged to write Skee-Ball into my story. Challenge accepted. The whole premise of Boyfriend Maintenance starts and ends with Skee-Ball. 2) Grilled Cheese I love giving my characters a favorite food. The only downfall to this is because I write about the food obsession I end up obsessing about it as well. In this case, Emmy King was utterly in love with…

Samantha Chase | Turning Tough Situations Into Happy Endings
Author Guest / April 30, 2019

We’ve all met those couples who met, fell in love, and are living happily ever after, right? I think it’s awesome when it happens and while I love hearing about it – briefly – their story isn’t one you could make a romance novel out of. I mean, you could, but why? Angst and beating the odds in one way or another make for an emotional story and that’s what keeps you turning the pages. For those of you who’ve read my books, you know I tend to be fairly light on the angst, but that doesn’t mean my couples have it easy. I’ve had things as easy as couples having to deal with living far apart and figuring out logistically how they can be together, to couples where fertility is an issue and the heroine sacrifices her chance of a future with the hero because he desperately wants a large family. Opposites attract, dating the best friend’s older brother, office romances, enemies to lovers – all of these tropes bring conflict into a story and if we’re honest, we love it! We want the struggle, we want our couple to have to fight for their happily ever after! I…

Valerie Bowman | Exclusive Interview: No Other Duke But You
Author Guest / April 30, 2019

Wow – the final book in your long-running and beloved Playful Brides series is finally here with NO OTHER DUKE BUT YOU! What has this series meant to you over the years? Oh, it’s meant so much. As I say in the dedication, the series began as the stories of three friends, but the love that readers showed for them and the books enabled me to write eight more books and two novellas! I’ve been so close to the characters for so long, it’s definitely difficult to let them go.       Delilah is a perfect historical romance heroine – headstrong, self-assured, a little quirky, and completely oblivious that the perfect man is literally right in front of her. Tell us more about her character development over the course of this series and this book in particular. Delilah was introduced in book four of the series, the Irresistible Rogue. That book was inspired by The Philadelphia Story, in which the heroine’s quirky, self-assured little sister, Dinah, steals a lot of scenes. Delilah was based on Dinah and it was an absolute joy to write her. I think I knew by the end of writing that book that she would be the heroine…