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AIN’T SHE SWEET? Join Week 3 of the SEP Read-Along!

August 12, 2014

Readers everywhere fell under the spell of NATURAL BORN CHARMER last week, including our special author guest Tessa Dare who shared with us her fondness for the SEP title (and an inside look at her pajama party with SEP and Eloisa James!). Now we’re starting week three of the read-along with AIN’T SHE SWEET? and we’re so excited to get started!

Later this week, Sarah MacLean will be joining us for a special guest post, so get ahead and start re-reading AIN’T SHE SWEET? today! And don’t forget to take this super fun SEP quiz to find out who your SEP hero would be!


Ain’t she sweet? Not exactly.

The girl everybody loves to hate has returned to the town she’d sworn to leave behind forever. As the rich, spoiled princess of Parrish, Mississippi, Sugar Beth Carey had broken hearts, ruined friendships, and destroyed reputations. But fifteen years have passed, and life has taught Sugar Beth its toughest lessons. Now she’s come home — broke, desperate, and too proud to show it.

The people of Parrish don’t believe in forgive and forget. When the Seawillows, Sugar Beth’s former girlfriends, get the chance to turn the tables on her, they don’t hesitate. And Winnie Davis, Sugar Beth’s most bitter enemy, intends to humiliate her in the worst possible way.

Then there’s Colin Byrne… Fifteen years earlier, Sugar Beth had tried to ruin his career. Now he’s rich, powerful, and the owner of her old home. Even worse, this modern-day dark prince is planning exactly the sort of revenge best designed to bring a beautiful princess to her knees.

But none of them have reckoned on the unexpected strength of a woman who’s learned survival the hard way.

While Sugar Beth’s battered heart struggles to overcome old mistakes, Colin must choose between payback and love. Does the baddest girl in town deserve a second chance, or are some things beyond forgiving?

AIN’T SHE SWEET? is a story of courage and redemption…of friendship and laughter…of love and the possibility of happily-ever-after.

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