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Anna Campbell | Men of Honour…Don’t You Just Love Them?

November 24, 2009

ANNA CAMPBELLCAPTIVE OF SINI have a confession to make. Do you promise not to tell anyone? I’ve got to admit it. I have a HUGE crush on the hero of my latest book, CAPTIVE OF SIN! Not that my longings are going to do me any good. Sir Gideon Trevithick is completely in love with Lady Charis Weston. Sigh. The poor author just doesn’t get a look-in! Not that this author is sour about that or anything. MUCH!

Gideon is a complete man of honor, a characteristic I find terrifically attractive. He’s brave, self-sacrificing, ethical, steadfast, protective. Lucky Charis! In fact, he’s the complete knight in shining armor package. When he gives his word, he never wavers, whatever the price he must pay personally as a result. In CAPTIVE OF SIN, when he stumbles across a runaway heiress hiding in a stable, he promises to protect her from her violent and greedy stepbrothers (who are the complete opposite of men of honor!). Charis has found a champion.

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