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Anna Campbell | Men of Honour…Don’t You Just Love Them?
Uncategorized / November 24, 2009

I have a confession to make. Do you promise not to tell anyone? I’ve got to admit it. I have a HUGE crush on the hero of my latest book, CAPTIVE OF SIN! Not that my longings are going to do me any good. Sir Gideon Trevithick is completely in love with Lady Charis Weston. Sigh. The poor author just doesn’t get a look-in! Not that this author is sour about that or anything. MUCH! Gideon is a complete man of honor, a characteristic I find terrifically attractive. He’s brave, self-sacrificing, ethical, steadfast, protective. Lucky Charis! In fact, he’s the complete knight in shining armor package. When he gives his word, he never wavers, whatever the price he must pay personally as a result. In CAPTIVE OF SIN, when he stumbles across a runaway heiress hiding in a stable, he promises to protect her from her violent and greedy stepbrothers (who are the complete opposite of men of honor!). Charis has found a champion. Time to read the rest…Click here… Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Anna Campbell | What a Beauty Is This Beast!
Romance / January 22, 2008

Great romances often have a mythic underpinning that adds depth and resonance. So a road romance can echo The Odyssey or a Harlequin Presents can hark back to the universal themes of Cinderella. I believe readers, even if not consciously aware of these patterns, recognize the structure in their subconscious minds. So the satisfaction we get at the end of The Ugly Duckling when the duckling after all his trials turns into the beautiful swan is the same satisfaction we get at the end of a great love story where the plain governess snags the fabulously glamorous Regency rake who recognizes her inner beauty. One of my favorite fairytales is Beauty and the Beast so it’s no surprise it’s behind a lot of my stories. Beauty is a lot gutsier and more proactive than many fairytale heroines (I mean, Sleeping Beauty basically…sleeps!). Although she’s sure it means her death, Beauty offers herself up as the Beast’s prisoner to save her father. She’s also got some great values although perhaps a financial adviser mightn’t go astray. Still, it’s a lovely moment when after the sisters have asked for everything that walks and talks from their father, Beauty asks for nothing more…