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Anna Harrington | Top 5 Reasons Why Regency Romances are Sexier Than You Think

September 13, 2018

I’ve heard several readers of modern romances say that they
don’t like to read historicals because they’re just not as hot and steamy as modern romances.
Not true! In fact, Regency era romances are brimming with opportunities for sizzle, if you
know where to look.

  1. No underwear = quick trysts. That’s right. People during
    this time period did not wear knickers, and a man who claimed to wear “small clothes” would
    be laughed at for being effeminate. There was simply no need for underwear when a woman
    wore multiple layers that went all the way down to her ankles and when men’s shirts had
    enough fabric to keep anything from being seen once it was tucked into their pantaloons or
    breeches. No underwear also made it much easier for women to use chamber pots…and much
    easier for both sexes for intimate encounters, when they don’t have to remove their clothes
    (considering how long it took to get dressed during this time, this is a huge bonus). While
    “drawers” for women emerged around this time, very few women actually wore them, and they
    were still open in the crotch.
  2. Carriage sex. With small compartments, pitch black
    darkness inside at night, and upholstered bench seats, the enclosed carriage was the make-
    out van of its day. (Insert your own private joke here about well-sprung carriages.) Windows
    with curtains could ensure privacy, although no one would have been able to see in while a
    carriage was driving down the dark back streets of a very foggy London at night. Ah, if only
    they’d been able to invent the drive-in!
  3. Theatre sex. Carriages weren’t the only private spaces in
    public where intimate encounters could occur. If a man was wealthy enough to rent his own
    theatre box for the season, he had opportunity for clandestine affairs right in there in the
    middle of a crowded theatre, because behind the front sitting area was a private room that
    couldn’t be seen by the rest of the audience. Perfect for a late dinner, a card game with
    chums, or sex with a widow or bored wife. On second thought…with the private theatre boxes
    available, who needed a drive-in for their carriage?
  4. Larger than life heroes. Oh, these aren’t just your average
    romance heroes. These are alpha men on steroids. Forget being the Regency era equivalent of
    the business tycoons, politicians, and playboys that headline in so many modern romances—
    these men are so much more than that. They’re all of it combined! They’re wealthy
    “millionaires” with the political and social power of their titles—dukes, marquesses, and earls
    simply flood Regency era romances—and admired for their rakish behavior. But beneath that
    imperial surface always lurks a vulnerability…if only the right woman can reveal it.
  5. Rules, rules, rules! I know what you’re thinking: “How can
    rules be sexy?” Oh, but they are! Because rules are meant to be broken. A modern romance
    couple can be intimate just about anytime and anywhere they want (within reason). Want to go
    to her house for the night? Okay. Want to get frisky in the elevator or car? Okay. But Regency
    era couples don’t have it so easy. There are chaperones to protect the woman’s innocence,
    rules about never being alone in the same room, special introductions that have to be made
    before they can even chat—they cannot even dance together twice at the same ball! But when
    they find ways around these rules and manage to snag a few moments alone, the embrace is
    all the sweeter—and hotter—for it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed just a few glimpses into the sexy world of Regency era romances. So the next time you read a historical romance, you can be on the
lookout for opportunities for sexy encounters…if you just know where to look. Happy reading!

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