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Anna Sugden | Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

May 7, 2014

Anna SugdenA PERFECT DISTRACTIONMy name is Anna Sugden and I need lots and lots of sleep! Eight hours is the absolute minimum; ten is better. I wish sometimes that I only needed four hours. Think of all the things you could get done with those extra four, even six hours in your day! I could write books in half the time. Read more books. Finish more craft projects. The list is endless. What’s more, I wouldn’t feel guilty for frittering away time on computer games or losing myself down a research rabbit hole or shopping for shoes!

But, I don’t have that extra time. Instead, I find myself trying to sneak those additional minutes of snoozing!

It would be great too if I was good at naps, but I’m not. I love hearing about those people who can ‘power nap’ for ten or twenty minutes and be refreshed. Me … I’d wake up groggy and (yes, you’ve guessed it) find away to get ten, twenty or even thirty more.

I also wish I was one of those people who wake up bright and breezy and raring to go (like Doc Cambridge). I’m a slow starter in the morning and like to ease myself into the day.

Of course, it helps that I love our bed! I’ve always wanted a sleigh bed with a high mattress and a handmade Amish quilt. As you can see in the picture – I got my wish. It’s a lovely place to sleep. It’s also a lovely place to read, with our two cats snuggled up close. In fact, with my trusty iPad, I can do lots of things from the comfort of our bed! The downside is that it’s very tempting to slide down under the covers and sneak in an extra bit of shut-eye!

How about you? Do you need lots of sleep or are you one of the lucky ones who only needs a few hours? Are you a slow starter or a leap-out-of-bed-er? Can you/do you nap? Do you have a fabulous bed? If not, tell me about your dream bed?

bed and quilt

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