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July 16, 2011

Brooke MossTHE WHAT IF GUYThanks for inviting me to guest blog here at Fresh Fiction, I am so thrilled to be here! I decided to talk about my inspiration today. Where does it come from? When does inspiration hit me? I tell ya, it’s a lot simpler than people think.

I tend to creep people out. I don’t set out to do it, and I certainly don’t mean to come across as creepy…but I think I do.

You see, I have this fascination with asking people inappropriate details about their relationships. Where did they meet? How did they know their significant other was “the one”? What was their first kiss like? What was their first time like? Where was the craziest place they were hit by the mood?

My close friends know to expect these kinds of questions from me, but newer acquaintances are usually put off by my strange curiosity. It usually leads people to believe that I am a strange, mildly perverted woman with no life. And, well, the strange and no life part are correct. But perverted? No!

I’m just a writer.

You see, as an author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction, I seek out little romantic details in everyday life. When I meet a seemingly typical couples, whether married or not—good looking or not—I love to find out about their love story. Because underneath the wrinkles and extra padding, every couple had to meet, court each other, and ultimately fall in love. Whether their love story happened in the back woods of Tennessee, or in the cement jungle of New York City, there were sighs, stolen kisses, and shy glances. There was a first date, a first kiss, and a first time.

The magic of new love fascinates me. That’s why I write the genre that I write. Because exploring the discovery of love between two people is my greatest pastime. There is nothing more exciting than writing about two characters that find love under the most unlikely of circumstances, and so help me I love creating a connection between characters that resembles some of the amazing stories I’ve heard from average people like you or me.

Every love story starts somewhere. It thrills me to find out where and how. I love being able to say my inspiration comes from all around me. It is the older couple in line at the grocery store, buying creamer and prunes. It is the couple in their thirties, arguing as the wrestle their two kids into the minivan. It is the divorcee, who works full time and has a seemingly full life, except that she remembers her first love with a wistful expression on her face. It is the great aunt and uncle who bicker like cats and dogs, but kiss each other goodnight, every single night without fail.

There is something to be said about real love. The love you find in your neighbors relationships, or in the relationships of relatives or friends, or maybe even your own relationship! It’s beautiful that we all started at point A, no matter what we look like, act like, live like, or what our bank account says. I’m proud to capture love like that in my work.

My name is Brooke Moss, and I my debut novel, THE WHAT IF GUY, will be available through Entangled Publishing on August 5nd. It tells the story of single mom, Autumn Cole, who is returning to the miniscule farming town of her youth to reluctantly reclaim her role as daughter of the town drunk. Her life gets even more complicated when she realizes that her son’s history teacher is Henry, the college sweetheart she dumped but never forgot.

I am thrilled to be sharing Autumn & Henry’s story with the world. I love to bring real life topics, like alcoholism and single motherhood, into my books, and then lace them with enough humor and romance to keep my readers glued. THE WHAT IF GUY is available, as well as through your local booksellers. Grab a copy, read it, and then tell me what you think! I love hearing from my readers. Find me elsewhere on the web, at,, on Twitter at BrookeMoss4, and on Facebook.

I hope you all enjoy THE WHAT IF GUY.


Brooke Moss

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