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Carolyn Brown | Breaking The Rules With A Handsome Cowboy

July 1, 2014

Carolyn BrownHOW TO MARRY A COWBOYHOW TO MARRY A COWBOY, Mason and Annie Rose’s story, is the final book in the Cowboys & Brides series that started out with BILLION DOLLAR COWBOY last year. Mason was one of four cowboys who showed up on my porch a couple of years ago. They were all sexy as the devil in blue jeans. They had hats in hands and were there to ask me to write their story. And I refused. They were all rich cowboys and I had no idea how to write about the rich and famous. But I did listen to them a little and it didn’t take long for them to convince me that they were really good old boys and that the money didn’t make them any different than the other cowboys I’d written about.

I didn’t realize until I started writing HOW TO MARRY A COWBOY that Mason Harper had two personal rules and he’d never crossed the line before. The first one was to never get involved with a woman in the house, no matter who she was and the second one was to never get involved with the nanny of his twin daughters, Lily and Gabby.

Then Annie Rose shows up on his porch on the morning of the twins’ birthday. She is dressed in a tattered wedding dress and sleeping in his swing. The twins think that he’d married the strange woman and brought them home a mama for their birthday present. Mason, on the other hand, thinks that Annie is a con artist, but he does need a nanny and it is really difficult to tell the girls no, especially on their birthday. So he hires her and suddenly he is doubting his own rules.

Annie Rose isn’t like any woman he’s ever known. She wins the hearts of his daughters in less than a day even though she makes them follow the rules. Yes, if they want to keep their new baby goats in the house, then it is their responsibility to clean out the play pens where the goats sleep. And yes, they also have to listen to the goats bleating through the night and take care of them.

Magic! It is pure magic when Lily and Gabby obey Annie Rose.

Instead of finding her with one foot out the door and her purse in her hand the first day, there Annie is making the ugliest damn cakes that Mason has ever seen with his daughters. They are all laughing and having such a good time and Annie Rose begins to slip into his thoughts and his dreams. Mason fights it because it seems so disrespectful to his late wife, who’d died when the twins were just babies.

But there is this cute little way that Annie talks too much when she was nervous and lord only knows, there aren’t many women in the world that can race into a clothing store and come out with a bathing suit in five minutes. And then there is the part about being able to rope a goat to take back his dead wife’s gold hoop earrings. Mason is convinced that not another woman in the world can possibly do all this!

Breaking his rules isn’t easy, but the heart will have what the heart wants, or there’s a lot of pain and sleepless nights. So tell me, do you think that the heart will have what it wants? Do you have a story about how what your heart wanted turned your life around?

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