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Cat Adams | The Power of Imagination

February 12, 2013

Cat AdamsThe Eldritch ConspiracyI don’t remember whose slogan that was, but it is a good one.

When I was little I didn’t sleep much. My parents gave me a bedtime, tucked me in, sometimes read to me. I was supposed to go to sleep. If they heard me moving around I got in trouble. But I couldn’t sleep. So I lay on my back, listening to the television in the other room, imagining the action. The heroes were valiant (and handsome), the women beautiful and good (women weren’t valiant very often back then as I recall. Things have changed.)

Years later I saw those movies. I was SO disappointed. The images in my mind were so much better.

I think that’s why so often readers are disappointed when their favorite book is made into a movie. They’ve imagined these wonderful people and worlds, and while the actors may do a fine job, and the director, producers and other filmmakers work hard to make the imaginary world come to life, they just can’t match the power of a human imagination. There are exceptions, of course. But more often than not it’s “just not the same.”

I’ve never had one of my books made into a movie or television show. I hope it happens. It would be awesome to have the wide-reaching audience of cinema or television. But I do wonder —what would I think of it? Would it be like those movies in my childhood? Or will I gasp in wonder because they got it just right.

What do you think about books made into movies or tv shows? Better, worse? One commenter will win a copy of THE ELDRITCH CONSPIRACY

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