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D.R.Rosensteel | My Favorite Female Superheroes of Pop Culture

July 14, 2016

Can Supergirl kick Superman’s butt? I say yes, and here’s why: I live in a household of females. I believe God has done this to build my character, and not as a cruel joke. So I know firsthand the strength and battle prowess of women. Hence this post about My Favorite Female Superheroes of Pop Culture.

Let’s start with Supergirl. She was created in 1959 to be Superman’s female counterpart. But in 2016, Supergirl became a force that overshadowed even Superman with the TV show Supergirl. Supergirl’s real name is Kara Zor-El. She is Superman’s cousin, and technically, an illegal alien. The Earth’s sun gives her amazing power—unimaginable strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, ice breath, invulnerability to nearly any human weapon, and the awesome capacity to fly. Like Superman, she is vulnerable to Kryptonite. Supergirl lives in National City under the name of Kara Danvers, and works for media mogul Cat Grant. Her true identity is masked by her geekish demeanor and, of course, glasses. To prove my point about the battle prowess of women, I am compelled to point out that Supergirl defeated Reactron, whom Superman could not.

Wonder Woman’s real name is Princess Diana of Themyscira. She is a princess of the Amazons (no relation to the internet retailer), a mythical group of women warriors. Her alter ego is named Diana Prince, and she works as a United States government agent for the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Thanks to her Amazonian training, Wonder Woman has extraordinary skills in strategy, hunting and fighting. Her weapons include the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, and a tiara which she uses as a projectile. She has superhuman strength and pilots, of all things, an invisible jet! How cool is that?

Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, is a high fantasy sword and sorcery heroine. Red Sonja is the archetypal fierce and beautiful female barbarian. She can wield any bladed weapon with the skill of Conan the Barbarian, with whom she has been on several adventures. He crossed swords with her on occasion as well, but it didn’t go too well for him.

Batgirl has no actual super powers. She doesn’t need them. She relies on her incredible skills of stealth and the intense combat training she received from Batman. She also has a set of impressive gadgets, from her batarang to pocket explosives and gas pellets that she uses to create a smoke cloud. Her cape isn’t bulletproof, but it is fireproof, acid proof, and shields against radioactivity. Yes, I believe she could kick Batman’s butt. I mean, Cat Woman does it all the time.

Which brings us to the latest female superhero on my list, Rinnie Noelle. Rinnie is a Psi Fighter, trained in the Mental Arts, a crime fighting style that blends martial arts with psionic ability. Rinnie can kick butt better than Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee combined. Like Batgirl, her skills are learned. There was no radioactive spider (although she is deathly afraid of spiders) or gamma-induced super strength. Rinnie got to be the amazing crimefighter she is by years of dedication and grueling practice. Her high tech armor is made of a space age material so strong it makes kevlar look like cheap aluminum foil, and the voice-altering electronics in her mask give her the ability to roar like Death Incarnate or sing the C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song like SpongeBob. She also has a highly sophisticated technology that allows her to create weapons from her thoughts and emotions, her favorite of which is the Thought Saber. Rinnie loves swordplay, and her skill would make Zorro blubber like a little girl who dropped her ice cream cone.

So there’s my rundown of the top female superheroes. I hope all the crime fighters out there found it useful. Oops, look at the time. I have to go. THE PSI WHO LOVED ME manuscript is calling me.

About D.R. Rosensteel

D.R. Rosensteel

D. R. Rosensteel is a research consultant who had no intention of writing anything but technical papers describing his theories of metaphysical psychometry. But when a hoodied teen showed him a device that turned her thoughts into weapons, and told him about a secret society of protectors who trained her in their underground Academy, he knew her story had to be written.

He has put his research on hold to document the adventures of a girl whose face he’s never seen and whose real name he’ll never know. The first book in the Psi Fighter Academy series is now available in a bookstore near you!

PSI Fighter Academy


LIVE AND LET PSI by D.R. Rosensteel

PSI Fighter Academy #2

Live and Let Psi

Sixteen-year-old Rinnie Noelle is called into action again as the crime rate suddenly accelerates in Greensburg. Nicolaitan, the man who murdered Rinnie’s parents, makes it clear that he wants Rinnie, and will go on a murder spree until she gives herself up. Rinnie’s friends and teachers disappear in a bizarre game of riddles where fresh cemetery plots and poetic clues point to the next victim. Her rescue missions expose Rinnie to the horrors of the mysterious LaReau Mansion, and the secrets of the haunted Livermore Burial Grounds.

Between keeping the Dweeb League from getting themselves killed, dealing with a new Psi Fighter who gives her attitude, and trying to figure out who Nicolaitan’s next victim is before it’s too late, Rinnie learns that the stakes are higher than she is ready to deal with. Nicolaitan has declared war. He is using a mind-control drug to manipulate high school students, using them as puppets to carry out his crimes, and he doesn’t care who becomes collateral damage in the process.

In a climactic showdown, the Psi Fighters are badly outnumbered by Walpurgis Knights when they face off for the first time in a decade. Even if the Knights lose, someone Rinnie loves may die in battle. But if the Knights win, Rinnie will be shot full of the mind control drug Psychedone 10, and forced to become Nicolaitan’s slave.

Young Adult Paranormal [Entangled Teen, On Sale: July 11, 2016, Paperback / e-Book, ISBN: 9781682812365 / eISBN: 9781633756595]

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