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Daryl Wood Gerber | Stirring the Plot

September 30, 2014

Daryl Wood GerberSTIRRING THE PLOTHi, readers!!

Wonderful reviews have come in for the 3rd in the Cookbook Nook Mysteries: STIRRING THE PLOT. But what matters to me is what you think! Read the First Chapter by clicking HERE.

I’m nothing like my amateur sleuth, Jenna Hart, but we have a few things in common. We both love California, we love to read mysteries, and we love to eat!

Two years after her husband disappears in a boating accident, Jenna, a former ad executive and marketing whiz in San Francisco, realizes it’s time to change her course. She returns home to Crystal Cove, California, a beautiful seaside community, to help her aunt open a culinary bookshop and café…and to find her smile. Although Jenna is an avid reader and a foodie, her aunt didn’t bring Jenna into the business because of her vast knowledge of cookbooks. In fact, Jenna can’t cook. She never had to learn. Her mother did it all. But she’s determined to learn. And over the course of the series, she does.

In STIRRING THE PLOT, the third installment of the Cookbook Nook mysteries, trouble is brewing with a dash of murder. Halloween in Crystal Cove is a big deal, involving a spooky soiree where the Winsome Witches, a fund-raising group, gather to open up their purse strings and trade superstitions. But party magicians, fortune-tellers, and herbalists are only the beginning of this recipe for disaster.

Jenna has packed The Cookbook Nook chock-full of everything from ghostly texts to witchy potions in anticipation of the annual fund-raiser luncheon. But there’s one unexpected addition to the menu: murder.

When the Head Priestess of the Winsome Witches is found dead under mysterious circumstances, there’s no logical answer and plenty of blame to go around. Now, mind you, the Winsome Withes aren’t really witches, and the Head Priestess happens to be Jenna’s therapist and her aunt’s good friend. Both of them take the woman’s death hard. With her aunt unable to call on her ability to foresee the future—whether she really can is always in question—Jenna will have to use more than just sleight of hand and a few magic tricks to conjure up the truth.

By the end of STIRRING THE PLOT, you’ll have gotten a deeper knowledge of not only Jenna but of all of the supporting players, as well as Crystal Cove, a delicious place where weekly events like the Black Cat parade and pumpkin carving contest are part of the fun. You’ll know a bit more about the new man in Jenna’s life, Rhett. And you’ll get to take Jenna’s journey with her as she learns to cook.

Note: this is NOT a paranormal mystery. It is a cozy. In fact, it’s often called a culinary mystery, which means you’ll also have another half dozen new recipes to try in your own kitchen, including a Witchy Woman Cocktail and French Silk Fudge Cake.

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Daryl Wood Gerber writes the nationally bestselling Cookbook Nook Mystery series.  As Avery Aames, she pens the nationally bestselling Cheese Shop Mystery series. Upcoming titles: STIRRING THE PLOT, Sept 2014 & As Gouda As Dead, Feb 2015. Fun tidbit: as an actress, Daryl appeared in Murder, She Wrote and more. Visit Daryl or Avery at her website. She blogs & shares recipes on Mystery Lovers Kitchen.


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Watch the STIRRING THE PLOT trailer HERE.

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