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DiAnn Mills | Social Media and Writers

May 18, 2016

Hey Writers, are You afraid of Social Media?

I’ve been in your shoes. In fact, I wore out several pairs called, “I can’t do social media.” They pinched my toes and hurt my feet. So I tossed them in the trash and bought a new pair titled, “I’m not afraid of social media.” Those shoes were made for success, and I wear them every day.

My real issue was fear. I thought I couldn’t learn the different platforms. Questions hovered, like where does my brand and genre fit? How many platforms must I use? I’m foremost a novelist, not a guru in mastering the social media universe. It made sense to me that doing nothing meant no risk of failure.

Wisdom marched in with clarification: Doing nothing meant I’d always regret not trying, and I was limiting my exposure to readers.

That’s when I made up my mind to educate myself in the art of social media. I made slow but steady progress and climbed a mountain. So much satisfaction at the top. Now I can look down and see where I’ve failed, pick myself up, and climb a taller peak.

Good news! My readership has increased, which means higher sales, and I’m often asked to guest blog.

The best way to walk proudly is to take one step at a time. Here are five tips to help you get started with social media.

Allow 30 minutes a day to study social media.

  1. Set up a Facebook page. link
  2. Set up a Twitter page. link
  3. Get involved with Facebook and Twitter. Build a community of new friends. This isn’t about you but ways to help others through your experiences and expertise.
  4. Research the value of blogging, either on your own website or on a site that is highly respected and has lots of followers. Study other blogs before establishing your own.
  5. Research and follow bloggers who are known for their expertise in writing and those who are professional social media experts. Here are a few outstanding sites.
    • The Write Conversation – link
    • The Author Roadmap – link
    • Social Media Examiner – link
    • Pro Blogger – link

Now’s the time for you to get started. How do you approach Social Media?

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