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Eileen Davidson | My Writing Process

June 20, 2009

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying Dial Emmy for Murder. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I certainly hope you do and give it a read! It’s the perfect summer getaway!

I thought that the best subject for me to blog about would be my writing “process”. It’s multi faceted actually because I have a writing partner and we certainly have our own process, and I write about the Soap Opera world and that is another process. And I have my own personal process of getting words down on paper!

The first part of my process involves my writing partner, Robert Randisi who lives in Missouri and we write vis a vis email. I have come up with the basic premise for all three books and have written the first few chapters for all three, as well. I’ll email those to Bob and he takes it from there, usually writing the next few chapters and emailing them back to me. I’ll rewrite and/or change whatever he sends me and send them back to him. We usually do this for the entire book until we are finished. One interesting dilemma is Bob doesn’t like to map out the book in advance. He likes to “discover” the villain and different plot points along the way. This drives me crazy! The first book we wrote his way, the second and third were written my way.. which is having the killer in place and the basic plot in place before we begin. I have a hard time knowing what to write unless these ar decided upon upfront. We both always maintain open minds, though, in case somethng else happens that is better than the originall idea.

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