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Fresh Pick | BE MY TEXAS VALENTINE by Jodi Thomas, Phyliss Miranda, DeWanna Pace, Linda L. Broday

February 1, 2012
Be My Texas Valentine

January 2012
On Sale: January 3, 2012
352 pages
ISBN: 1420119672
EAN: 9781420119671

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Romance Anthology
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Jodi Thomas

It’s the Season of Hearts

Be My Texas Valentine
by Jodi Thomas, Phyliss Miranda, DeWanna Pace, Linda L. Broday

The way to a cowboy’s heart

In Texas, Valentine’s Day is for restless hearts, brave second chances, and passions rekindled. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace tempt you with four delicious treats…

Out on these rugged plains, love never comes easy. And four daring ladies will do whatever it takes to capture the hearts of four irresistibly sweet-talking Texans…

When a quiet foreman comes to the aid of a mystery lady, they’ll find that this perfect starlit night is made for courtin’…

A determined heiress gambles high to reclaim the rancher she’s never stopped wanting…

When a spirited lady and a go-getter mayor compete for their town’s future, it’s two dreams for a lifetime…

And to attract a lonely doctor’s attention, a shy young woman needs courage – and two unlikely matchmakers…

An anthology of four couples conquering love on Valentin’s Day.


Chapter One

February 1867

Broderick Monroe shouldered his saddle and moved across the corral toward the barn. He wore a week’s worth of trail dirt sweated into his clothes and hadn’t slept in three days or eaten in two. All he wanted to do was make sure his horse had plenty of food and fall into his bunk. After about eight hours’ sleep, he’d have enough energy to wash and eat whatever the cook had left over on the stove.

“That you, Brody?” someone yelled from just inside the darkened barn. “I thought you’d make it in before dawn and looks like I was right.”

Brody, as everyone in this part of the world called him, didn’t answer. In the year he’d been at the Double R, he’d learned to keep quiet. Though it had Read More…
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