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March 19, 2010
Weekend Warriors

Revenge of the Sisterhood #1

July 2004
On Sale: September 21, 2007
Featuring: Myra; Nikki Quinn
304 pages
ISBN: 0821775898
EAN: 9780821775899
Paperback (reprint)

Romance Suspense, Suspense
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Fern Michaels

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Weekend Warriors
by Fern Michaels

Every Woman Has A Story…And That’s Just The Beginning.

Life isn’t fair. Most women know it. But what can you do about it? Plenty…if you’re part of the Sisterhood. On the surface, these seven women are as different as can be—but each has had her share of bad luck, from cheating husbands to sexist colleagues to a legal system that often doesn’t do its job. Now, drawn together by tragedy, they’re forging a bond that will help them right the wrongs committed against them and discover inner strength they didn’t know they had. Growing bolder with each act of justice, the Sisterhood is learning that when bad things happen, you can roll over and play dead…or you can get up fighting…

Nikki Quinn is devastated when her best friend Barbara is knocked down and killed by a hit-and-run driver who claims diplomatic immunity. But Nikki has her work and her lover, fellow lawyer Jack Nolan, to keep her going, whereas Barbara’s mother, Myra, has nothing. Festering in a sea of recriminations and hatred, unable to gain a sense of perspective, Myra is lost . . . until one day she switches on the evening news and sees Marie Lewellen, mother of a murder victim, take matters into her own hands and stab her daughter’s killer.

An idea is born, and within months Myra and Nikki have drawn together a group of women who have one thing in common: they have been failed by the American justice system, they’re down but they’re not out, and they’re ready to find their nemeses and make them pay. First up is Kathryn, a long-distance truck driver who was raped at a road stop by three motorcyclists as her paralyzed husband watched, helpless. Banding together, the Sisterhood plot the ultimate revenge — but with dissension from inside the group and out, there’s no saying if the plan will work until the moment of truth arrives.

In the tradition of The First Wives’ Club, Weekend Warriors is a slam-bang, take-no-prisoners tale of survival, sweet revenge, and the healing power of friendship.

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