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Gabriella Edwards | Hard for the Money: Sexy Occupations that Make Men Sexier

September 28, 2010

Gabriella EdwardsTITLESpies, private investigators, detectives, G-men, Special Forces, firefighters, and so many more I’m missing I’m sure, all carry the same aura or “WOW!” factor for me. Sexy is relative when it comes to just about anything. For example, kilts are sexy—on people who can wear them. On Gerard Butler they’re downright sinful! Now on Uncle Paolo who’s had way too much stuffed manicotti over his lifetime… hmm, not so much. So sexy is as sexy looks? No, I don’t think so.

Men in uniform, men who take risks, men who use their brawn for most of the day in their jobs, do it for me, baby! So if I’d started out this way, then this list could include so many more occupations.

• The Uniformed = garbage collectors wear them. So they’re sexy? Uh…we don’t see too many calendar pin-ups of them, now do we?

• Risk Takers = sewer workers take a risk every time they submerge themselves in sewer systems filled with…okay, sorry, yuck! Sexy?

• Brawny Lads = farmers use big huge machines (this may have some of you thinking, hmm, that’s sexy) to do most of the heavy lifting, but hearing a friend describe her husband hurling bales of hay over a fence or into a truck bed made me think, yeah, that’s sexy.

See where I’m going with this? These three examples aren’t usually very high on the list for sexy, but it doesn’t mean sexy sanitation; sewer workers or farmers don’t exist. They do, I’ve met them, but not on the job. Usually, they’re all cleaned up and not looking like they collect garbage, walk through poo or plant corn. *sigh*

So, am I making any particular point here? Sexy jobs do exist! I think sexy is a load of perception. My preconceived characteristics of men in sexy jobs include them being: tough, hard, brave, and disciplined. And when rolled into a tight, fit, well-defined, drool-worthy body that’s just plain über sexy, but sadly, almost always FICTION. I’m not saying megawatt sexy men don’t exist? They’re all over. However, I can’t help think they reside more in our imaginations than in the real world.

Sexy jobs will always be sexy to me because of whom I think hold those jobs. A few months ago, I attended a workshop sponsored by my RWA chapter. The speaker was a former Green Beret. This bullet on his resume automatically puts the poor man in the sexy category for me. Armed only with an attractive promo picture of him, my perception is fed by imagining him having done all the things I think Green Berets do. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t a clue what any of this really looks like. The man is on top of my sexy list.

Well, now that you’ve heard my thoughts on sexy jobs, what jobs for men do you think hold the most sex appeal? Don’t hold back.

Gabriella Edwards

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