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Guess what I did last week? By Kathy Lyons / Jade Lee

August 2, 2017

Some conferences are quiet affairs where I get to hang with friends, talk books, and laugh for hours. Readers and ‘Rita’s is one such conference. There’s always something going on, but I never feel frenzied unless I’m dancing with a hot cover model. Other conferences are wild fan events where I’m overwhelmed and lost. And given how much of an extrovert I am, that’s saying something. Guess how last week at the RWA Conference (Romance Writers of America) felt for me.

  1. Zen walking meditation in a sauna. There’s no denying that Orlando in July is steamy hot. By the second day, I was soggy. My brain, my hair, and definitely my clothes—all wet mush.
  2. Military School on the first day. I meant to be crisp and clean, I meant to report where I was supposed to go when I was supposed to be there, but it just never quite happened. That’s why I never went to military school. Phew!
  3. Party with my friends! I got to hang out with great people all the time. In the bar, in the lobby, in the bathroom, in the bar… Well, you get the idea. Great friends everywhere! (Check out this picture of me with Sourcebooks staff and another author in Epcot. The sign reads “Everyone needs deadlines. – Walt Disney”)
  4. Every day was something new. Every day was visiting with friends. Every day had me late to something because I saw someone or had to talk to someone. And yes, every day was like living life in a sauna. Thankfully, the hotel had great air conditioning.

Answer: D which really is a “all of the above” kind of answer. Yup, Florida was a sauna, but it was still fun. I was late to a ton of things, but so was everyone else. I got to hang with great friends. And here’s a picture of some of the fabulous dessert I got to taste with bestie Cindy Dees!

And oh yeah…there was one more thing…

I won the FF&P PRISM award for “Rock Hard” (part of the STONE MEN 1 anthology) WOO HOO! That makes five PRISMS (an award for Paranormal Romance). And in this picture, you can see my award from Fresh Fiction. 😊 Happy Day!

In case you’re interested in the book, you can check it out here.

And in honor of my PRISM, I’m going to give one lucky commentor e-copies of STONE MEN vol 1 and 2! Just tell me how your week went whether you were at conference, the swimming pool, or anywhere else.


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