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Guess what I did last year! – By Kathy Lyons / Jade Lee

February 24, 2017

OMG, it’s 2017! Where did the year go? Hmm, let me think. Politics (ugh). Family drama (mostly resolved now, thank God.) I lost weight, then gained it right back. (sigh). FRIENDS! I went to great events like Reader’s and ‘Ritas and had a rip, roaring good time! I travelled to Guatemala to help some schools there. And I did something else that really marked this year. What could it be?

  1. I got married! Yup, forget the hubby of 32 years. I ditched him for a hot young model who will star on my book covers despite being covered in horrible back hair.
  2. I decided I was going to learn how to cook. My lofty goals were to become a gourmet chef, but by mid-year, I changed that to “not set the kitchen on fire.” All in all…I failed. I hate cooking. But I do have a brand new kitchen (and house) after I burned down the last one.
  3. I signed a contract that will make my funky fantasy novel, Seducing the Skeptic by Kathy Lyons into a MOVIE! Yup! Hollywood came knocking and we’ll be seeing a Kathy Lyons book on the big screen in 2018. Whee!
  4. I hunkered down and wrote a trilogy of Grizzly Bear Shifter books which are fantastic! I know I’m not supposed to toot my own horn, but damn, those books are GOOD! The series is called Grizzlies Gone Wild because each of the three heroes is on the verge of going feral. It takes the love of three very unique women to knock some sense in them.

Answer: D – Of course I love my bear shifter books! So much so, that I made some really fun videos of my friends reading the back cover copy. They’re hysterical. And, by the way, wait until the end of each video because there’s always a punch line! (I’ll put them up at the end of this blog)

As for the other option, no gross back hair allowed! My husband of 32 years is my favorite hero and he still rocks my world. I have indeed toyed with the idea of learning how to cook for real. Not just microwave something I bought pre-made at the store. But then I lie down and take a nap until the urge goes away. As for the third option, how I wish Hollywood had come knocking. Someday maybe, but not yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

And now about the contest – tell me which grizzly video you liked the best and one lucky winner will get an e-copy of all three grizzly books. So here they are, my Grizzlies Gone Wild videos! They’re short and fun!

The Bear Who Loved Me by Kathy Lyons

With Damon Suede!

License to Shift by Kathy Lyons

With Julie Kenner!

For the Bear’s Eyes Only by Kathy Lyons

With Julie Ann Walker!

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