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Happy Birthday, Shelley Bradley! And, nice booksigning too!

January 23, 2006

Saturday afternoons are always busy in the Metroplex — this past one was no exception, but I, along with (K and S) managed to attend the booksigning for Shelley Bradley’s latest Berkley Sensation, Bound and Determined. It was a little different from most signings–there was CHOCOLATE CAKE!! The author, not sharing her age, is not just launching a new title but celebrating her birthday at the same time.

Shelley says she likes writing contemporaries a little more than her past medievals and regencies because she can write the way she thinks instead of spending extra time trying to express, for instance, how someone would say “Bite me!” in historical time periods. When you think of it that way, it would have to be more comfortable to write in the current day. She also shared that Bound and Determined is the first book of a four part series. The next title, Strip Search (the story of Kerry’s brother), is due out in July. She also has a title coming out later this year in the Blaze line, but I apologize because I cannot remember what it will be called.

Like most authors, she isn’t in control of the cover art of her books and she’s not thrilled with them sometimes. I personally think the cover for this one looks like a prom photo on the beach. But hey, we don’t read the covers anyway, right?? She still has a full-time job and is a full-time mom, so she writes whenever she gets the chance; Saturday’s are usually her “Writing days” so taking time out for the signing was extra credit for her. (Must have been the cake!)

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