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Happy Birthday to USA…

July 4, 2005

I’m spending the day (and weekend) working! Sheesh, you’d think there’d be time for at least a little recreational reading on a federal holiday weekend, but noooo, I’ve got homework books — php and CSS stuff — to read and absorb. I tried to sneak in a little lite reading but got sidetracked by two weeks old Newsweek and the weekend Guide. Geez, I do need to find out where all the local fireworks displays are!

Anyway, I’ve got two books set aside (on my bedside table) ready and eager to be opened — CASE OF LIES by Perri O’Shaughnessy and BOOK CLUB by Mary Alice Monroe. I’m looking forward to the chance to read both of them in the next few hours.

But for every one in the US, wishing you the best reading this holiday weekend. Hope it doesn’t rain too much, not TOO hot and the bugs don’t nibble! Happy Birthday, USA!

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