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Jade Lee doesn’t have a new book out, but Kathy Lyons does!

July 2, 2014

Kathy LyonsTWO WEEK SEDUCTIONLet’s start with the basics. Kathy Lyons has a new book out! It’s hot contemporary, and it’s about…

A. Her fantasies about her older brother’s best friend.
B. Her fantasies. She doesn’t have an older brother.
C. Jade Lee’s older brother’s best friend.
D. Even Jade doesn’t have an older brother.
E. A woman who has loved a good person since they were kids and now has two weeks to find out if their attraction is real.

Answer: E, though almost all the others are true. I don’t have a brother, but I have wondered about what he’d be like. And even more important, what his best friend would be like. (And in case you wondered, Jade Lee is my historical name. Yes, I’ve a split personality).

True or False?

1. In her fantasies, Kathy’s brother looks and acts like Dr. Simon Tam from Firefly. A hottie who gives up everything to save his sister from evil baddies.

Answer: False. Anyone that hot is not related to me.
2. Her brother’s best friend is just like Jay Chou, aka Kato from The Green Hornet movie.

Answer: True. In my fantasies, my brother has a zillion hot best friends.
3. The best friend in her book Two Week Seduction has abs just like on the cover.
Answer: Of course he does! He’s the hero.
4. Someone in the book has a special tattoo of a spring of lavender.

Answer: Yup. And it’s not the hero!
5. This book was an easy, breezy, fun ride to write!
Answer: Um…well, no. First off, no book is really easy. But on this book in particular, I was coming off a struggling personal life. Sadly, that happens. So I ended up taking a lot of time find that part of me that laughs a lot. That smiles and can write fun things. Once I remember that, well then this was a great time.

6. If you like witty banter, funny situations, and hot sex – this is the book for you!
Answer: YES! Because, honestly, Jade Lee does that in historicals. Kathy Lyons can do it with fewer restrictions in contemporary. Enjoy!

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