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December 22, 2011

Jade LeeWEDDED IN SCANDALThis blog was the first thing I had to do today. The very first thing, well right after coffee. Actually, that’s not true. Before I even get coffee, before I get out of bed, I turn on my iPad and check my email. I have a desperate need to make sure that nothing important has come in between the hours of midnight and 7 am…er, 7:59 am. But my alarm goes off at 7.

Anyway, without even moving off my pillow, I turn on the iPad, check my email, delete the junk (I get a lot of junk), and deal with anything vitally important. It’s rare, but it does happen. Usually one of my in-college daughters desperately needs me to proof one of their papers. But that didn’t happen today, thank God, and so I then immediately got up, got my coffee, and wrote this blog. Hahahahahaha! Okay, seriously, who actually believed that?

No, rather than get out of bed, I go on-line shopping. Shopping is way better than working. Or even getting out of bed! Nothing of interest today 🙁 so then I played an ap game called Sherlock, a Game of Logic. I’m not that logical a person, so it takes me a bit. Then I really do get up and get coffee because the addiction is hitting and I want caffeine. And that involves dressing because let’s face it, it’s cold in Illinois in December.

Then, coffee in hand, I get right to work…at my email. Because, you know, something else vitally important could have come in. And there still isn’t anything interesting to buy either. *sigh* I don’t have Sherlock on my computer, which is a good thing. But I do have . Yes, I’m addicted to that site. Here’s a picture of my pogo mini. She’s very holiday festive. Anyway, I’ve earned over 20 million tokens and have hundreds of badges. Are you impressed or appalled? I’m appalled because I know how many hours I’ve burned playing those games. Imagine what I could have done with all that time? I could have a clean house! An organized office! I could have watched every single episode of Supernatural three times and still had time to order pizza!

Wow, am I a sad case or what? But as you can see, I did eventually write this blog. And now I want to know what are your favorite time wasters! And one lucky commenter will get a free Jade Lee book!

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