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Jade Lee’s Memorial Day Antics plus a SALE

May 31, 2017

Guess what I did on this great three day weekend?

  1. Hung out with good friend Julie Ann Walker, Cindy Dees, and Heather Snow. Plus others, but I only have a picture of Julie and me. Oops! 
  2. Went to NYC with hubby for Broadway shows. That’s after taking out a 2nd mortgage to afford Hamilton tickets. Well, not really. There weren’t any Hamilton tickets available.
  3. Slept, ate fattening foods, and convinced hubby to rub my feet. Heaven!
  4. Remembered stuff. It’s Memorial day, after all!

Answer: Everything but A. The writing retreat with my buds was the week before, so that doesn’t count! So yes, I did go to NYC. Saw Keven Klein in Present Laughter.  Also saw Waitress and silently crooned along. We did eat great food and yes, my loving husband finally was convinced to rub my feet. And yes, I spent a few minutes remembering my loved ones who have passed, but I admit, I spent a lot more time creating new memories with the ones who are still with me.

And now for some AWESOME NEWS!  Guess what it is!

  1. I was abducted by aliens who taught me how to get my dog to poop diamonds and pee premium gas. Whee!
  2. THE STONE MEN will be on sale May 31st – June 6th for $0.99!  You’ll be able to find it here.
  3. I will appear as a guest on my favorite news show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I’ll be giving a filmable demonstration of my head exploding as I watch the news.
  4. I’ve got another book ON SALE! You can get AS RICH AS A ROGUE, the third book in my Rakes and Rogues series for $1.99 through June 5th through all major book retailers!  Here’s a place to get it.
  5. I’m running a contest where the winner will get a chest of diamonds courtesy of my dog. Please email me at

Answer: B and D! Come on, did you really think I’d been abducted by aliens? Okay, don’t answer that. But don’t forget to check out my amazing specials!

For those of you in the Indiana area, I’ll be speaking to the Indiana RWA on How to Pitch your Book June 10th. Come find me! Mention you heard about this on my newsletter and get a special gift!  For more information check out:

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