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Jody Holford | My Favorite Bad Boys

March 21, 2017

Words are funny and powerful things. Put enough of them together and you have the ability to make some laugh, cry, or play them over in their head on repeat. When I think of the word ‘bad’, I don’t think of any of my characters really. So I started to question, what makes a bad boy, bad? As is true for many questions, there are a LOT of answers in this one little query.

To try and figure out how my BAD BOY NEXT DOOR fits in with those fictional men we love to hate and can’t help but like, I’ve made a list of some ‘bad boys’ I love to see where Wyatt Daniels fits in among them.

Raylan Givens from JUSTIFIED

United States Marshall Raylan Givens is one of the good guys, but he often makes
choices just on the boundary lines of good and bad. In essence, he does what
needs to be done to achieve his end goal. Though he makes the ladies swoon, he’s
not exactly long term commitment material. But there are times when it seems
like he wants to be.

Damon Salvatore from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

The ultimate bad boy who falls for his brother’s girlfriend and, eventually,
gets her. He’s funny, snide, sexy as sin, and doesn’t think his non-existent
soul is worth saving.

Logan Echolls from VERONICA MARS

The broody stares and his love of renting out the penthouse suite at the hotel?
Definitely bad boy material. He’s rich and charming, but on the inside, he
thinks less of himself than anyone else could.

Jack Foley from OUT OF SIGHT

The bank robbing con who seduces the US Marshall as she shuttles him to jail. He is adorably and irresistibly charming, despite the whole thief thing.

I think Wyatt has elements of all of these men. He’s got those dark brooding
eyes that draw a woman in, though Shay’s the only one who makes him want to look back. Tall and powerful, he tries to make the right decisions, though he’s
capable of darkness if it’s for a worthy cause. He sees himself as tainted—touched by all of the bad things he’s seen and this gives him a ‘back-off’ vibe that very few people try to bust through. He believes Shay is better off with someone light and easy-going, but he can’t help wanting her and in the end, needing her.

It would appear the common theme is men who think they’re irredeemable, until they find the woman who sees through the façade—the woman who digs deeper and sees them for who they really are, or maybe once were. Whatever the case, even when they try to stop themselves, these men can fall hard. Often, like in Wyatt’s case, they end up wanting to be the man the heroine believes them to be. The reason they’re able to do that is because mixed in with the ‘bad’, is a whole lot of good.

Who are your favorite fictional bad boys? What makes you love them?

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About Jody Holford

Jody Holford

Jody Holford lives in British Columbia with her family. She’s a huge fan of Rainbow Rowell, & Nora Roberts.She’s unintentionally funny and rarely on time for anything. She writes multiple genres but her favorite is romance.

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