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Juliette Cross | Hardcore Alpha Vs. Sensual Seducer

January 18, 2018

I had a conversation with a friend the other day, debating why independent-minded, strong-willed women crave alpha males. She, being one of these women with quite an affinity for the fictional Christian Grey, said “it’s not that I want to be dominated out in the real world—just in the bedroom.” So I mentally tapped my chin, pondering my own fascination with alpha males.

Yes, I married one. So there’s no denying I’ve got it pretty bad for aggressive, protective men. This may be why they show up so often in my writing. Okay, definitely why. But I believe the lure is more primitive than we think. If we gaze far back to the caveman days, cavewomen followed the one with the biggest club and the baddest attitude to scare off dangerous predators and keep her safe. Even in the 21st century, you’ll find a line of women readers drooling over badass billionaires, dominant shape-shifter alphas, Highland warriors, and deadly demon hunters. I’ve not yet heard one of my friends panting over the pretty boy shopping for his skinny jeans and highlighting his overly styled hair.

We want the modern caveman with the biggest stick (sexual innuendo intended) to beat our enemies senseless, toss us on the bed, and have his wicked way with us. Having said that, the fantasy is to read about the badass, deeply brooding alpha who finally breaks for the one woman who captures his heart. He bends only for her, softens only for her, loves and adores only her. It’s that heart of gold behind the rough exterior that wins her over, promising he will keep her safe from the villains of the world.

Now, let’s take a look at our sensual seducer, shall we? First, our seducer has patience. Our alpha clearly doesn’t even know the definition of the word. The alpha has one goal—her—and he wants her NOW. No bed required—a good, sturdy wall will do (or desk, pool table, whatever). On the other hand, the seducer is a master of the art of seduction, savoring the slow, tantalizing love-play. For he knows that her surrender will make the reward even more sweet. And though he may plan to torture her to death by way of delayed gratification, she’ll not only appreciate his gentle expertise in certain areas (*cough*..the bedroom…*cough*), but he’ll win her heart without her even knowing it.

Another trait our seducer has is charm. Within the seducer’s arsenal of charm is his bone-melting, heart-stopping smile as well as his mischievous wit and debonair swagger. The alpha doesn’t have nor, in his opinion, need charm, being more the pillaging-and-conquering type. Whereas the seducer will toy playfully with his lovemate, luring her willingly into his seductive trap, the alpha tends to use the rough, caveman method. No need for smiles when you have a club, right?

I know I’ve teased my alpha relentlessly (I do love you so, you testosterone-laden beast) but both our alpha and our seducer have something in common. They always catch their woman. And she always wants to be caught.

I hate to even ask which one you prefer, because that seems rather unfair to choose just one. With all of the books waiting to be written and to be read, why choose one at all? I think it’s only fair we just read along and let that beguiling smile or that you-are-mine demeanor take you wherever he wants to lead you. Happy reading!

THE EMERALD LILY by Juliette Cross

Vampire Blood #4

The Emerald Lily

When Princess Vilhelmina Dragomir is awakened from her hellish sleep with a blood kiss from a handsome stranger, she learns that much has changed while she’s been away. The armies of the Black Lily and the vampire Crown have amassed and are on the brink of war.

No romantic entanglements, no family. Mikhail Romanov, Captain of the Bloodguard, took a vow when he joined the Bloodguard. But he never planned for the gut-punching attraction he would feel for the untouchable princess. He must keep his focus, though. In order to avenge his family, it’s essential he help Mina claim her crown and keep his damn hands off of her.

But Mina sets her heart on the elusive captain, and keeping his focus on the great battle ahead becomes harder and harder. While they’re making plans, the evil King Dominik has been making some of his own. This time, he will show no mercy to the Princess…

Romance Paranormal [Entangled Amara, On Sale: January 29, 2018, e-Book, ISBN: 9781640634688 / eISBN: 9781640634688]

About Juliette Cross

Juliette Cross

Juliette calls lush, moss-laden Louisiana home where the landscape curls into her imagination, creating mystical settings for her stories. She has a B.A. in creative writing from Louisiana State University, a M.Ed. in gifted education, and was privileged to study under the award-winning author Ernest J. Gaines in grad school. Her love of mythology, legends, and art serve as constant inspiration for her works. From the moment she read JANE EYRE as a teenager, she fell in love with the Gothic romance–brooding characters, mysterious settings, persevering heroines, and dark, sexy heroes. Even then, she not only longed to read more novels set in Gothic worlds, she wanted to create her own.

Vessel Trilogy | Age of Gray | Vampire Blood


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