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Karri Thompson | The World of MIRROR X

July 10, 2014

Karri ThompsonMIRROR XWhat does the future hold for mankind? With the fear of a world-wide pandemic, World-War III, and the effects of climate change, it’s no wonder why Doomsday Preppers is a popular show on the National Geographic Channel.

MIRROR X takes the reader into a world 1,003 years from now. The main character, Cassie, died during our century and is “awakened” into a world still suffering from a plague that affected the world’s population. But there’s something about Cassie that makes her different from anybody else (I can’t tell you what that is, or it will give away an important twist J). In a way, this makes her supernatural. Cassie is invaluable to this world and in being so, is manipulated and lied to by the government of this so-called Utopian society.

At seventeen, Cassie has some very important decisions to make. She is incredibly intelligent and worldly, due to traveling the world with her paleontologist mother to accompany her on digs. But being homeschooled, she is also naïve and has never had a real boyfriend. This makes her even more vulnerable, especially when it comes to Michael, the hot, young geneticist who “awakened” her from death.

I love Cassie! Being trained in the field, she is as skilled as any degreed paleontologist and longs for this occupation in 3025. Paleontology has always fascinated me. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent at the Natural History Museum in San Diego when I was a kid, staring at the dinosaur bones with a dropped jaw.

This book also deals with important ethical issues when it comes to genetics (again, I can’t reveal a twist J). But writing this book gave me the opportunity to bring back the past in a very unique and scary way. There is definitely a special place in my heart for Magnum, who is beyond cool.

MIRROR X is a series. Book 2 is written. Book 3 is in my head. As an English teacher, I have two months to be a full-time writer. My goal is to finish book three before the end of August.

I love interacting with readers and sharing what I know with aspiring writers, so feel free to contact me anytime through my website.

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