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Kira Archer | Baby Anxiety

January 18, 2018

My new release, THE BILLIONAIRE’S UNEXPECTED BABY , centers around an unconventional couple who is preparing for the arrival of a baby who is…well, unexpected. This one was a lot of fun to write. Being a mother myself, I could relate to a lot of the anxiety my characters experienced as they awaited the big day. Of course, I didn’t have my friends running a pool on my relationship and the only baby daddy drama I had was with my husband and a few unfortunate name choices, but still. I could relate.

There are a lot of things about having a baby that caused me a great deal of anxiety. Here were my Top 5:

  1. The Breaking of the Water – Now, in the movies this is always shown as a massive gush of water where I’ve heard in real life it’s not always that dramatic. However, going into the whole thing, I just knew, with my luck, I was going to be a gusher and it was going to happen in the middle of some fancy and overly crowded venue. Then, I ended up having C-sections, so I never had my water break. Crisis averted!
  2. The Contractions – those look painful. Like REALLY painful. I really wasn’t looking forward to those. Again, in the movies, with all the screaming and sweating and over the top shenanigans, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. And again, as I ended up with C-sections, the worst I ever experienced was a few Braxton Hicks. I’d like to think I could have handled them like a boss. Although recuperating from a C-section should totally count. Laughing or coughing after one of those is probably on par with a good, strong contraction. Pretty sure nothing about childbirth is fun except when you get to finally hold the actual child.
  3. The Stuff – as in ALL THE STUFF that goes along with babies. There is a lot of it. That is something I don’t think the movies exaggerate, at all. Trying to leave the house with a baby was a good hour-long procedure. I had at least two of everything packed away in my diaper bag, and I generally had spares for my spares and I ALWAYS ended up needing them. It’s never a bad idea to be over-prepared when it comes to baby gear.
  4. The Other Stuff – you know, all the stuff that you don’t have to bring with you every time you leave the house but that now covers your house from corner to corner. The cribs, bassinets, toys for fun, toys for learning, toys for motor development, cardboard boxes the toys came in that are all the baby will play with, food, food preparation gear, food feeding equipment, food cleaning up equipment, sleeping furniture/gear/equipment/clothing, bathing furniture/gear/equipment/clothing, diaper changing furniture/gear/equipment/clothing, and…well, you get the picture. And no matter how much stuff you have, there is always something else you need. Just OH SO MUCH STUFF.
  5. The Actual Baby – at the end of it all, someone hands you this baby that you are now responsible for. I am the oldest of five children. I’ve been surrounded by babies my whole life. I’m good with babies. I thought I had this whole thing in the bag. And then my first night home with my baby, I couldn’t get him to stop crying so I stood at the bottom of the stairs and aimed him up towards where my mother was sleeping. Thankfully, she heard him and came down to help. She was there for a week. I cried when she went home. I don’t think anyone is ever fully prepared. But you do get the hang of it eventually 😉


Winning the Billionaire #2

The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby

One minute, pregnant Leah Andrews is throwing up over the side of a yacht andthe next, she’s married to party boy Brooks. It’s an arrangement born of sheerdesperation to save her job, but now the tabloids are all over them, their friends are running a pool betting on whether they’ll actually stay married until Baby Day, and worst of all, she and her new husband might just be falling for one another. But they belong in opposite worlds. It’ll never work.

Billionaire app developer Brooks Larson lives his life on the light side. Until he tries to play hero and claims to be Leah’s husband. Now he’s up to his ears in Lamaze classes, baby powder…and unexpected marital bliss. But he’d make a rotten husband and horrible father. Leah and the baby deserve so much better. Add in major baby daddy drama and the whole situation is the worst idea EVER. But sometimes those bad ideas might just be the best ones.

Romance Contemporary [Entangled Indulgence, On Sale: January 16, 2018, e-Book, ISBN: 9781981307180 / eISBN: 9781640634565]

About Kira Archer

Kira Archer

Kira Archer resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kiddos, and far too many animals in the house. She tends to laugh at inappropriate moments, break all the rules she gives her kids (but only when they aren’t looking), and would rather be reading a book than doing almost anything else. She has odd, eclectic tastes in just about everything and often lets her imagination run away with her. She loves her romances a little playful, a lot sexy, and always with a happily ever after.

Crazy Love | Winning the Billionaire


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