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October 3, 2010



Thank you for having me here at Fresh Fiction! I’m so happy to be here on my launch day, celebrating the release of my new novella Building Magic from Red Sage Publishing. This book is very different from my previous stories, and that’s what I’m here to talk about today, about changing the subgenre’s we write in or what I call ‘Flipping the Pancake’.

My first book was Dark Harmony a full length dark, erotic, action adventure romance with vampires and martial arts action. Lots of blood, some great spooky scenes and steamy sex scenes, of course. It took lots of research, and some great goth music to keep me in the mood as I wrote about the shadows in this story. When it was complete and it was time for me to work on a new story, I wanted something completely different. Time to flip.

TITLEMy second story was Alien Revealed a sci-fi erotic novella complete with an alien spy, a starship military hero, out of this world technology and of course, a conspiracy, all topped off with more hot luscious sex. Lots of sci-fi movies, some great comic books and popping mood music kept me going. And when it was over, I once again wanted that flip, that moment of something completely different and fresh.

Now there’s Building Magic, an erotic romance novella in the fantasy subgenre. There’s a civil war between shape shifting dragons, a damsel in distress, magic, and hot desert sands. Here’s the blurb:

When architecture student and summertime welder Tina Moreland develops a reputation as a peeping Tom, it isn’t the first time she’s been teased for being different. Catching a glimpse of the man of her dreams is worth the aggravation. But when she witnesses him doing something stranger than stripping in his hightower office, it’s enough to make her forget that when working unharnessed on the fifth floor, the first step is a long way down.

Sent to Earth to find a power source strong enough to end the civil war at home, Devin Ken’Draga doesn’t have time to rescue a damsel in distress. But since she is literally falling at his feet, he can’t help but to save her. Bringing her home wasn’t part of the plan, but once they fall through the magical portal together, there is no going back. It is only when he spreads his wings in his true dragon form that Devin realizes something he hadn’t anticipated – the woman is a virgin, a temptation no dragon can resist. Together Devin and Tina create a sensual bond, gladly sacrificing virginity to find love and a solution to the bloody war.

TITLEFor me, Flipping the Pancake is all about completing a book and as a reward, switching genres. It’s still erotic romance – that’s what I write. But there are intrinsic differences in the style or subgenre that give me an alternate direction to head in. It gives me an opportunity to stretch the vision in my mind’s eye while I create a different world. For some that might not sound like a reward – after all that hard work I look forward to more work? Yup! I love to write. I love knowing I am going to move on into a new story, a fresh world. Not to say that I don’t revisit these worlds, that’s what sequels and series are all about. But I want to stay in love with writing and that means always having the opportunity to change and challenge my imagination.

And why do I call my stories Pancakes? Because they’re yummy of course!

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