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Lindsay McKenna | Welcome back to the Black Jaguar Squadron

March 13, 2012

Lindsay McKennaHIS DUTY TO PROTECTDear Readers,

I loved crafting HIS DUTY TO PROTECT for Harlequin Romantic Suspense! It is a novel from the Black Jaguar Squadron series. Best of all, it’s a series-within-a-series because it features Rachel Trayhern, daughter of Noah and Kit Trayhern. Those who have faithfully followed Morgan’s Mercenaries from the original 3-books, Love and Glory in the Silhouette Special Edition line, will now get to read her story.

Presently, I’m working through a book on each of the children of Alyssa Trayhern and Noah Trayhern. I’ve already finished the books on Morgan Trayhern’s children. It’s fun to develop a story for each of them and yes, dear readers, I’ll continue to write about each and every one of them. Not to worry :_).

Many of you remember Melody Sue Trayhern, Kit and Noah’s first daughter. In HIS DUTY TO PROTECT, she wants to be called Rachel. And the explanation as to ‘why’ is in there, so I hope you enjoy that tidbit ;-).

I love to create rockin’ and rollin’ adventure/danger/suspense molded with romance in my books. And in this novel, I am onna roll! I also love the back cover copy where it says: “Why the hell are you here?”

Great opening to a sparring between Rachel and the officer who tried to wash her out of Apache combat training school. Five years earlier, Captain Ty Hamilton was an Apache combat helicopter instructor at the prestigious school at Fort Rucker, Alabama. He didn’t have much use for training women to take a man’s job out of the seat of the world’s most powerful and deadly combat helicopter.

And Rachel, being from the Trayhern military dynasty, doesn’t take kindly to him wanting to boot her out of training. This is a family whose members serve in the military because they are patriots. They have a two-hundred year history of service to their country. And when Rachel understand Hamilton has her in his gun sites, then it’s an all out war. And she’s not about to lose.

The story picks up five years later after the conflagration between them. Only this time, it’s on the battlefields of Afghanistan on the border with Pakistan. Enemies five years earlier are now, unexpectedly forced to work together once more. Rachel isn’t very happy about it. And neither is Hamilton. What will they do? What will happen when hated enemies are thrown together once more?

Enjoy the story! Just run over to to purchase a copy or the ebook!

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