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Lisa Dale | Sometimes a Cliche is a Perfect Setting…

April 2, 2011


There are only three little days until my new book, SLOW DANCING ON PRICE’S PIER, arrives on the shelves!

Years and years ago, I worked at an independent coffee shop in New Jersey. It was a busy shop that always smelled fantastic. The baristas were quirky and fun. The coffee was fresh and hot. The customers knew us by name.

And yes—the clichés about writers-artists-baristas are true!

When it was time for me to choose a backdrop for a new love story, I couldn’t think of any place more perfect than a coffee shop. (If you don’t know about the history of coffee, pick up my book. I promise you’ll never look at a cup of Joe the same way again.) And to make things extra romantic, I decided to set my heroine’s coffee shop on a busy pier at the water’s edge in Newport, Rhode Island.

Here’s the story:

Fifteen years ago, Garret Sorensen’s family, trust, and heart were destroyed when Thea Celik betrayed him and married his brother. Now they are divorcing. Garret’s ready to finally mend his relationship with his brother. But being back in Newport, Rhode Island, triggers a lot of memories—all leading back to Thea.

Thea’s not ready to let go of the Sorensens—even if it means being around Garret. As they cautiously circle around each other—finding themselves drawn together—they realize following their hearts could cast them adrift.

I can honestly say that SLOW DANCING is a book that truly surprised me while I was writing it. This isn’t a story that starts at A and ends at B. As I wrote it, it kept me guessing—and it will keep you guessing too.

I hope you’ll grab yourself a cup of coffee, or a latte, or even a cup of herbal tea—and enjoy this story of love, family, and forgiveness!

Wishing you much happy reading,

Lisa Dale

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