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Magnolia Smith | Assassins And Wine: The Stuff Of Scandal

February 4, 2016

scandalI have been a fan of ABC’s Scandal from day one. Why? Because it is one of the few books or films that combines swoon-worthy assassins and wine into a lovely, entertaining cinematic package. I love books and films that incorporate espionage and political intrigue into the plot, throw in one of my favorite cities – Washington DC and a protagonist who is always working it… and I am hooked.

The fact that the heroine of the television show, Olivia Pope is masterfully and flawlessly portrayed by the gorgeous Kerry Washington is a boon. Most television shows and films in this genre usually feature a man and completely gloss over stuff like fierce hair, gorgeous clothes and the romance lives of the characters – and that is why I love Scandal. While men obviously enjoy the show, this is espionage and political intrigue by women and for women

It’s exactly like the fiction genre, romantic suspense – you know, books that usually feature a gorgeous Navy Seal, a tall dark and handsome FBI agent or maybe a dreamy CIA operative… and the women that love them? There is usually lots of action, danger and steamy love scenes….

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