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Maria Geraci | What Kind Of Girl Are You?

November 11, 2009

MARIA GERACIBUNCO BABESIn my Bunco Babes books, the central characters have been friends for years. They get together every Thursday night to drink frozen margaritas, roll dice, and gossip about the inhabitants of their small north Florida town. The three main characters I introduced in the first book, Bunco Babes Tell All, were labeled as “the nice one” “the sharp one” and “the hot one”. Unconsciously as a writer, I don’t set out to create the theme for my books. Theme is something that naturally results from the plot. But after I wrote the book (and figured out what it was really about) I discovered that my main character, Kitty, had to come to grips with the eternal question of the ages. Just what kind of girl are you?

Too often, like the characters in my books, we get labeled at an early age. You know the labels I’m talking about- the smart one, the pretty one, the goofy one… And after a while, we start to believe it ourselves. But sometimes (like Kitty had to find out in Bunco Babes Tell All) in order to achieve our highest potential (or win your happily-ever-after!) you have to break out of the mold.

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