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Meet Sharon Hamilton’s Naughty Alter-Ego!

May 11, 2016

Angela Love is new on the scene for me. She is my alter ego, my little bit of bad girl seeping out. I’m having fun with these shorts about vibrators gone wild and had these covers designed to reflect the humor and light-heartedness I tried to capture.

Candy Keane is a somewhat experimental girl who gets herself into trouble. I’ve said it before, she needs a Navy SEAL. Well, she’s going to have to go through some mishaps first.

The storyline came to me when I posted on a blog some six years ago. I inquired about a certain item that writers were talking about. I’m not a prude, but I wasn’t as familiar as I am now of toys used for fun in the bedroom. I’m loving the research! I went online to one of “those” places, and got a customer service rep who asked me, virtually, what I liked. Though the Avatar was that of a woman, it could have been a male. How would I know? I’m keeping this very PG here for general consumption.


It gave me the idea for The Stimulus Package. The other two books, Buzz Words and Road Rage, were borne at a writer’s retreat in Monterey. As crazy romance writers do all the time, we had the table of attendees in stitches, considering all the mishaps a person could have with ordering, using and programming “things.”

I have more coming. My Mom Was A Porn Star is one I hope to put out this summer. Wait. That didn’t sound right. But you know what I mean.

Get The Stimulus Package now on Amazon Kindle.

Get Buzz Words & Road Rage in my combined edition, Toys for Tarts: A Duet, now on Amazon Kindle.

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