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November 11, 2014

Do you ever feel like the whole world is in on the secrets of life, and no one bothered to tell you? Have you ever read a great book, or seen a movie whose entire premise should be completely and totally impossible…but you just can’t stop yourself from wondering if it’s true?

What if there really were Jedi Knights out there somewhere? What if vampires were real? Or werewolves? What if our planet really was alive and could speak to us, like the home world in Avatar? What if we really did live in a matrix, and gentlemen like Mr. Smith were out there, watching and waiting to strike down anyone who got too close to the truth? What if wizards and magic were real? What if aliens really did walk among us?

What if? What if? What if?

I could ask questions like this for hours. Days. If you must know the truth, I have been asking them…for decades.

What if?’ is my favorite question. And it’s what inspires me to write. I have notebooks full of wild ideas. In the Timewalker Chronicles, I combine several of my favorites. What if time travel were possible? What if humans were mega-powerful and didn’t know it? What if aliens were here already, and they’d kept their presence a secret for centuries?

If that last were true, why the secrecy? If they are here, what do they want? And are they all on the same side? What if, like every other civilization, some of them were wonderful (and sexy)…and some horribly evil?

In WHITE FIRE, Emma Lawson faces all of these questions. I enjoyed the roller-coaster ride as she not only discovered the truth, but had to decide exactly what she was going to do about it. Emma is a Timewalker, an unsuspecting human woman, one of many who, unbeknownst to them, have ancient, dormant DNA in their bodies. Once a Timewalker’s genetic switch is flipped back on, things can get all kinds of crazy. Superpowers? Check. Time travel? Check. Smoking hot, alien warrior? Check. Monsters so scary they gave this author nightmares? Check.

What if this entire blog post was not just about a book? What if the things I mentioned were real? What if you were meant to be the next Timewalker? Would you answer the call? (You’d get a superpower, you know.  So, what do you want your superpower to be?)

About WHITE FIRE: Timewalker Chronicles (Book 5)

Ajax, The Lost King of the Immortals, sacrificed everything but his memories. After the Time Crux, the loss of his beloved Queen, and a horrifying defeat at the hands of the Triscani horde in the war on Itara, Ajax’s loyal crew played a desperate gamble…to go back in time and try to change things. But they trusted the wrong man, and Ajax has spent the last seven hundred years locked in a prison with no key. The battle approaches at long last, yet he remains weak and tortured, a prisoner to his own dark power. He didn’t simply lose to the evil Triscani…he became one of them.

The Triscani spent centuries searching for Emma Lawson’s soul. Their evil Hunters did everything they could to destroy her family’s bloodline before she was ever born. They know who she is, so they hunt her. They know the power she yields, and they fear her. They know The Lost King will do anything to save her, and they would use his love to destroy him.

But Emma is human, not Immortal. She might be dangerously attracted to the newly freed Ajax, but her first priority is saving Earth from two warring Immortal races. Ajax believed himself in love with his Queen, but the woman he remembers no longer exists. This Timewalker will defy destiny, and she’s not going to play by anyone’s rules but her own.

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Michele Callahan is a car-pool mom who often makes emergency trips to the store for chocolate, coffee, or a Twix candy bar. She suffers from a dangerous case of sci-fi/fantasy fever and never turns down an opportunity to sit through a Star Wars, True Blood, Attack on Titan, or Matrix marathon. Her favorite things in books; hot heroes, superpowers, freakish things that can’t be explained by modern science, and true love!

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