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April 10, 2009

Nancy BushWell, I’m kind of excited. My newest book, UNSEEN, a thriller, debuted on March 31st. UNSEEN is my first solo effort as a romantic-suspense writer and it’s definitely a wild and twisted tale. A real departure from the mystery novels I’ve been writing. (And to those loyal fans who’ve contacted me in fear that I’ve abandoned Jane, Dwayne, The Binkster and the rest of the gang from the Jane Kelly mystery series: They’ll be back, I swear! )

UNSEENSo, how did UNSEEN come to be?

Well, a long time ago, in a galaxy far,far away, I read an article in Time Magazine about how young mothers were making money writing romance novels. I told my sister, fellow writer Lisa Jackson, about the article and, as young mothers ourselves, we both sat down and started writing, writing, writing. It’s how both of our careers began.

Now, I’m a grandmother. A grandmother! Yikes, rewind. That happened fast! I may need to digress a moment. . . .

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